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Mobile Edge has chosen to drop Johnson Window Films as one of our Business Partners Effective 3/11/2012.  All warranties on vehicles that we have tinted with Johnson Window Films product will be honored and this will be  a transparent change to our customers.  No customers will be effected by this move.

Mobile Edge is a very independent company that puts our customer’s needs first.  We feel that if we do this, our customers will be loyal and continue to patronize our store.  We also put a tremendous amount of value in the relationships that we establish with our Business Partners (what other shops might call suppliers).  Since we believe that if we treat our customers well, they will treat us well, the same should hold true with the companies that we do business with.  If they treat us with professionalism, then we should be loyal and supportive of them.

When this process breaks down, business partnerships end.  We have tried to continue to be loyal to Johnson Window Films over the past several years.  It has recently become clear that Johnson Window Films is not a good fit for the mold that we expect of our business partners.  It is for this reason that we have decided to sever ties with the company.

Mobile Edge will be making an announcement of a new vendor partner in the very near future.  As always, we will select this partner with the long-term interests of both our customers and our company.    Window tinting has become a valuable part of our day-to-day operations and we will be working hard to make the very best choice for our new window film business partner.

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