Coats For Kids Underway Once Again At Mobile Edge!

A Bit of History

Two years ago in early November, Mobile Edge ran it’s first Coats For Kids drive. We made arrangements to have any coats distributed locally in Carbon and neighboring counties. We had hoped to collect a few dozen coats. Were we in for a surprise! By the end of January, we had collected close to 200 coats. We realized that we were on to something sweet! Last year, we ran the promotion again and by the time it was all said and done, we had collected nearly 300 coats. In addition, we collected dozens of beanies, scarves and gloves.

What Is Coats For Kids?

As the owner of Mobile Edge for nearly 20 years, I’ve always said that I’ve never once sold something that people actually need! Not one single time (Lets face it, neither has Apple!). I sell products that people want…. things that make them happy and things that make life more comfortable and convenient. One of the truest examples of this is remote car starters.

My store sells more remote car starters than you would believe. Good economy or bad economy… It doesn’t matter. We sell and install a LOT of them and we have since 1994! It stands to reason that if someone cares that much about staying warn, they must have some outdated children’s coats or know someone who does.

We decided to tie these things together. Bring us a new or gently used child’s coat and we will give you up to $50 off the cost of a new remote car starter! There is no catch. No hidden agenda. You have something that can help other people (coats). We have really great car starters that will keep you warm and comfortable and we have a means to distribute your coats to children who need them. Everybody wins! You save money and make some room in you closet. We get to make another happy customer and a child somewhere in our area will be warmer this Winter. Think about it… It make sense to me!

But I Don’t Have Any Kid’s Coats?

Bring us one of your own. As one of the ladies from a local charity told us: Mommies and daddies need to stay warm too! (We honor the discount for any coat)

I Really Don’t Want A Remote Starter?

No problem. We will happily take all of your unwanted coats, beanies, gloves, and scarves. It might be 17 degrees out the day that you drop them off, but I promise you will leave our shop feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Our goal this year is a lofty one. We want to collect 500 coats. Plain and simple. So if you are reading this and in Carbon or surrounding counties, why not share this on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall. We’re making it simple for you to make a difference in local children’s lives. Spread the word!

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