Audison / Hertz


Craftsmanship + Technology = Audio Nirvana!

Audison?  Hertz? Who is that?  Actually, they have been around for over 25 yrs now.  They are a high quality manufacturer of superior car audio products, both in electronics and speakers.

Italy is their home.  Since the late 80’s they have been innovators in car audio with many “Firsts” to their name, first amplifier with adjustable gain controls, first to build a dedicated mono block bass amplifier, first 5 channel amplifier.  They have  won countless awards for sound quality and “amplifier” of the year awards.

They are also probably the broadest line of car audio amplifiers in the world, with nearly 40 amplifier models ranging in price from under $300 all the way up  to the Thesis Venti at $11,999.   They are from the “old school” of audio thinking, where sound IS THE most important thing about an amplifier.  Not the “chrome” on the amplifier.

Attention to detail is their “mantra”-  They are CRAZY about giving you, the customer, the best sounding car possible.    The truth is in the music!

Please call 610-377-2730 to set up your private consultation and audition of the Hertz / Audison line.  You really need to hear this stuff to completely “Get It!”

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  1. please give me some info about audison products.i have a toyota fortuner suv and wanting to replace the door speakers and one 10 inch subwoofer.splits on front and co axials on rear.which model will best suite the vehilce and i loke sound quality.

    • We can certainly help you with your project. Please stop in with your vehicle at your convenience. We can go over your options and let you audition the speakers and subs in our showroom. We look forward to seeing you.


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