The Intoxalock was developed by Iowa-based Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. (CST) and is the first driving safety device of its kind to offer advanced technology that enhances the performance standards of ignition interlocks.  Mobile Edge has installed and serviced this ignition interlock device since 2001.

“Our partnership with Intoxalock has been extremely rewarding throughout the years,” said Mitchell Schaffer, Owner of Mobile Edge. “We have been able to provide our clients with a local option to have a high quality ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle and their process is user-friendly. In the past, we had explored other providers, but Intoxalock has proven to be a reliable, high quality and straight-forward partner.”  Mobile Edge provides installation and servicing for clients in Carbon, Luzerne, Monroe, Lehigh, Schuylkill and surrounding counties.

The Intoxalock is a discreet, hand-held alcohol sensor that tests a driver’s breath to determine their breath alcohol content. The device will prohibit the vehicle from starting if the driver fails the test. It is primarily used by people who are legally required to have an ignition interlock device in their vehicle because of a drunk-driving violation. However, more and more users are beginning to voluntarily install the device for safety preferences.

“Intoxalock is first and foremost a driving safety device and it has a range of benefits,” said Dave Arringdale, CEO of CST. “For example, a family might choose to use Intoxalock to ensure the safety of a loved one who has a drinking problem. Large companies that have a fleet of vehicles on the road also use our equipment to ensure the safety of their employees and reduce liability risks.”

Service Centers like Mobile Edge are sought out in different areas of each state across the nation to help ensure that Intoxalock customers receive premium customer service. Intoxalock users lease the device from CST and are put directly in touch with their local service center for installation and maintenance.

To use the Intoxalock, a driver simply pushes a button, submits their breath sample, and waits for the LED screen to display passed or failed. If the driver passes, they can start the car and head to their destination. If a driver doesn’t pass, they will be unable to start the car and will have to wait a period of time before attempting to pass another breath test.

Installation of the Intoxalock does not affect the vehicle performance or warranty. The driver is alerted when it’s time to return to a service center for recalibration. “Intoxalock involves state-of-the-art technology and is the most accurate device on the market,” said Arringdale. “Our technology, reliability, and attention to customer service are what set us apart from every other interlock provider out there.”

If you are required by the courts to equip your vehicle with an ignition interlock device, contact Consumer Safety Technology (CST) at 1-877-777-5020. Tell them you would like to have your device installed at Mobile Edge.

About Consumer Safety Technology

In conjunction with researchers at Iowa State University, CST developed the Intoxalock using alcohol-specific fuel cell technology. CST was the first company in the country to use this cutting-edge technology, which is now the ignition interlock industry standard. In 2010, CST added the option of advanced technology features to their Legacy device and now offers GPS functionality, imaging technology, real-time reporting, and instant event notifications.

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