Vehicle Security and Keyless

Factory security is little more than a glorified noise maker

We hear it every week. “I don’t need a security system. I already have a factory alarm.” Truth is, what most people have is a factory “theft deterrent system.” It is designed simply to keep the car from being hotwired and driven away. Most do nothing to protect the contents of the vehicle or protect it from damage.

After market security systems protect both the vehicle and it’s contents. When installed properly, a quality after market alarm system is the best deterrent against vehicle theft or damage. And Mobile Edge will install it right the first time!

Every connection that is made is soldered, taped, and loomed out of sight. A security system truly is only as effective as it’s weakest connection. Our installation will ensure that your car is protected.

Mobile Edge is proud to offer Compustar vehicle security systems. Recognized for years as the best of the best, Compustar offers protection and convenience like no other.

Be sure to ask your Mobile Edge professional about all of the cool features that can be added to our security installations.

Mobile Edge also offers the very best keyless entry systems available anywhere! And don’t forget to ask about Remote Car Starters!

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