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Due to the popularity of our website, we have been getting a large amount of requests for technical support. We will be happy to provide basic technical assistance for existing customers who have purchased product or had product installed at our facility.  Please call the store directly and have the original invoice number, or the name the purchase was made under and the Approx. date.   We will do everything we can to assist you.

If you purchased your equipment elsewhere, we do offer a paid technical assistance/research service.  The minimum cost for this service is $40.  If interested, please call the store directly for more information.


Our phone number is 610-377-2730.  Call anytime during normal business hours or feel free to leave a message after hours.  We will get back to you promptly.


Our email address is or you can fill out the form below and click submit:




  1. hsr says


    I would like to install remote starter on my manual car. I watched a video of you on youtube which was very clear about remote starter for a manual car, thank you so much! I was wondering if I can do it myself, but I changed my mind after this video because it looks an elaborate job…

    Just a question is still remained: what if I engage the reservation, but later I decide NOT to start my car with remote starter. How does it work? Can I enter and start the car with key when reservation is engaged?

    Thank you so much in advance,

  2. bob miller says

    I have an Autostart remote (came with the vehicle when I bought it used). Lately it has been acting up…..starts the van sometimes and sometimes it does not. Does that sound like a bad connection within the remote?? cheers…..

  3. Keith says

    Hi I’m curious to know if you do led lighting behind the dashboard gauge face. I can’t find led options on your site so I’m just posting here instead.

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