Customer Drives from Annapolis MD For a Hertz Audio System Installed By Mobile Edge

Earlier in the year, I received a phone call from a gentleman from Annapolis, Maryland.  He told me that he had found us through a Google search.  He was looking for a shop that could do factory integration and we came up at the top of his search.   He researched Mobile Edge and decided that we were worth contacting.

When we spoke, he said that he had a 2010 Ford F150 with the SYNC system and didn’t want to give up the factory radio.  Since we specialize in aftermarket integration, this was not a problem.  We spoke a little more and discussed the speakers and amps that we carried.  He seemed very interested in Hertz products.  He said he’d be in touch mid March.

Sure enough, I got a call in early March and we set up an appointment.  The customer and his puppy, Nick, arrived right when we opened on the day of the appointment. He auditioned a bunch of Hertz components and decided that this was the brand for him.  For the front speakers he went with the HSK130 5.25″ component speakers mounted on custom 5×7″ plates.  The rear doors got HCX570 5×7″ coaxes in the factory locations.  All doors were treated with a lot of Dynamat. The speakers themselves were were “sealed” to the doors with 1″ wide strips of Dynamat.  This step improves the overall sound quality of the system by helping to keep the back wave from canceling the front.

For amplification he went with the Hertz EP5.  This 5 channel amp provides 60 watts into each of the 4 doors and will eventually send 160 watts to a subwoofer.  The customer did not have time on this visit to get the sub box constructed but plans on this for another time.  We found that the amp would fit perfectly under the passenger’s seat.  We built a small platform that fit over the air vent under the seat.  The customer still has full range of motion of the seat and any rear seat passengers will have complete function of the AC or heat.

To interface into the factory sound system we used a special vehicle specific harness and interface.  This interface did not require any splicing into the factory system.  Not a single wire in the factory harness had to be cut!  Removing this system when it’s time for a trade-in will be much simpler.  Most vehicles today have interfaces like this.

At the end of the day, the customer and “Nick” returned to pick up the vehicle and hear the end result.  He couldn’t have been happier.  I knew he had a long ride home and I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect  for him.  When I called the next morning to see how the trip went, he said that it was great!  He didn’t crank it too much because of the puppy, but was looking forward to going for a ride by himself to jam out!

Having a customer drive this far to have us do work was an extremely proud event for myself and my staff.  This was not a cheap system.  To have someone who had never been in our store trust us based on our website and a few phone calls made this one of the best sales that I have ever made.

A few days later, this customer left a review on our Google Local Business page. Here is what he had to say:

I travelled from Annapolis, MD to Mobile Edge (over three hours) to have work done on my truck. I have a Ford F-150 with the Ford SYNC system. I wanted to keep the SYNC and Ford head unit, but I wanted to improve the sound coming out of the stock system. I first found Mobile Edge while doing a Google search on OEM integration. The Mobile Edge site was superior and contained more informative than any web site I found. Then I noticed they were located in Lehighton PA; near my hometown of Nesquehoning. So I decided to visit family and have my stereo upgraded. Three things stood out about my experience with Mobile Edge. First was the first rate quality of their workmanship. Second was the superior product and the resulting great sound now coming out of my “stock” stereo unit. Unbelievable! Third, was the customer follow-up. Mitch called me the following day to ensure that I got home without problem and to check on my satisfaction with their work. He has followed-up on two other occasions as well. Truly outstanding, professional customer service. It was well worth the drive to have such superior work done and I would recommend them to anyone.

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