Honda Accord Audio System: Ready to Rock But Looking Stock!

Honda Accord Stock Appearance

“It can’t be done.”  That is the short answer customers often receive when what they are asking for does not have a cookie cutter solution. The reality is that, in most cases, what consumers are looking for can be done when you look outside the box.  That is our philosophy at Mobile Edge when it comes to providing solutions that our clients want.  And now, a client from Somerset, New Jersey is enjoying an incredible audio system in his 2013 Honda Accord.  After receiving mixed signals on-line and from other retailers he gave us a call.

Taking Stock In This Honda Accord Audio System

The system the client had in mind had to rock, there was no question about that!  He was also concerned with keeping all the features and functionality of the factory system.  To go ahead with the system we had to be able to enhance the audio system without compromising the existing Navigation System, Bluetooth, Music Hard Drive, or changing how the driver interfaces with system.  And one more thing:  He didn’t want to change the appearance of the vehicle to achieve his goals.  We specialize in this sort of thing.  We did our homework and eagerly took on the project.

Initial Preparation and Investigation

The first thing we did was an initial vehicle check in:

  • Verify the functionality of electrical systems
  • Look over the car for issues inside and out
  • Prep the car by applying protective floor mats, seat and steering wheel covers, and protective tape to any contact points
  • Connect the car to an external power supply to maintain the charge on the battery

Once we were set to go, we located the factory amplifier and tested the inputs and outputs of the amp.  Using an oscilloscope we verified where we would get the signal to drive this aftermarket Honda Accord audio system.  Once this was done we moved on to address the “Active Noise Canceling” system that Honda uses to reduce road noise.  Although this can be helpful with the factory system, it will create havoc with an aftermarket system. This module is located below the radio.  Once we accessed the  noise canceling module and made our necessary modification, we verified that the nothing else in the audio system or elsewhere was compromised by our changes.  Success!  With the noise canceling module no longer an issue, we moved on to the fun stuff.

BitTen Honda Accord

The BitTen and the crossovers for the Hertz HSK165XL speakers are installed under the passenger’s seat.

Audison BitTen Handles Signal Processing and A Lot More!

We installed an Audison BitTen signal processor under the front passenger seat. This processor was connected to the factory radio’s output and the factory amp was removed. Using the BitTen, we can really dial in the system to the client’s taste with its on-board EQ and set the listening position by using the time alignment features. Commonly overlooked in high-end systems, time alignment allows an installer to digitally delay the audio signal to specific speakers and place the listener center stage.

Front Stage Speakers Replaced with Hertz HSK-165XL Components

Every great car audio system needs a great front stage.  The front speakers in our Honda Accord audio system were upgraded to Hertz HSK165XL’s. With a little trimming we were able to install both the woofer and tweeter in the factory locations. While the door panels were off the front doors were also given a full Hushmat treatment to deaden the resonance of the metal and reduce road noise. Foam waveguides were also used around the front midbass driver to absorb the back sound wave and funnel the front wave through the stock speaker grill on the factory door panel.  We call the combination of our waveguides and a Hushmat treatment our “Speaker Enhancement Package.”  It makes a very big difference in sound quality.

Hertz Amplifier

The Hertz HDP5 5 channel amplifier and 1 farad capacitor are installed neatly under the driver’s seat.

Hertz HDP5 Amplifier Makes The Power In This  Honda Accord Audio Upgrade

Under the driver seat we nestled a Hertz five channel HDP5 to power the system.  Along with the amp, a 1 farad capacitor was added to keep a steady voltage to the amp when current demands peak during what we call “enthusiastic listening.”  Leveling out the voltage not only helps the system sound better but will also prolong the life expectancy of the system’s amplifier.

Out of Sight / Out of Mind


Next we tackled the rear deck. The factory speakers and subwoofer  were removed and replaced with Hertz Hi Energy HXC165.  These coaxial speakers are a perfect complement to the front separates.  The rear deck was also treated with Hushmat to damp the metal and reduce noise and rattles.

We custom fabricated an enclosure specific to the Hertz 10” flat sub and welded a steel mounting assembly to secure the woofer to the vehicle in the stock location. Once everything was test-fit, we carpeted the box in a matching trunk liner and bolted the box to the underside of the rear deck.  Looking into the trunk, you would never know that this was an aftermarket subwoofer enclosure.

With all the components in place it was time to tune the system using the Audison BitTen, a real time analyzer, an oscilloscope and some other gadgets and software. Once the tuning was complete we ran the system through its paces, did the final reassembly and prepped the vehicle for delivery.

End Result?  This is what our client had to say:

“Bob, Mike and the Mobile Edge team did an exceptional job with my 2013 Honda Accord. I kept my head unit and had an Audison BitTen installed with a Hertz amp and hi-energy speakers. Bob was very helpful with the product selection and the custom box for the new sub in the rear deck looks great. The sound is incredible and I would highly recommend Mobile Edge.”

We love it when we create raving fans!   To learn more about Mobile Edge, we invite you to stop in and let us show you around.  Our facility and way of doing things is very different from what you might be accustomed to.  If you would like to get a taste of our facility now, please check out our Virtual Tour.  Thanks for reading along.

(Editor’s note:  Much of this article was contributed by Mobile Edge Technician, Michael Oechsner)


  1. George Bullon says

    I would like to know what some thing like that would cost me.
    I have a 2013 honda and I am not happy with the current sound system.
    Now when you say after the mod every thing worked the same that means even the cell phone calls and noise canceling worked also?
    If so let me know.
    I am very interested.
    Give me a call 267-416-6042

  2. Khalif Bruce says

    I recently bought a 2013 accord and the audio specialist I seen said he did one and it didn’t come out right and that I would either lose my Bluetooth or drive with my doors open.

  3. Minh Tran says

    The upgrade looked very impressive.
    I have A 2014 Honda and not happy with the sound.
    How much was the upgrade cost?
    Please email.

    • says

      Minh, All of our installations are customized to the needs of each client. We would invite you to stop in with your vehicle and let us show you what we have to offer and come up with a plan for your vehicle. And thank you for the compliment!!!!

  4. Ricardo says

    What did you do to prevent massive feedback? Just replaced factory amp and speakers in 2014 accord…experiencing major feedback for 20 seconds or so!

  5. Marc Gwilliam says

    I just bought a 2015 Accord base model with just the 4 speaker system and no extra amp, or anything.

    I was intrested is the exact same setup as you have shown in this article!!
    now that you completed the install and a happy customer…

    Could you tell me how much this install was??

    in addition I would like to make a few upgrades to the equipment..
    Audison VOCE 5.1 AV amp.
    Audison AV 5.1 2 way speaker set (active crossovers) front only/ rear disconnect
    Bit ten D
    install existing JL w7 10 box in trunk to above amp
    Front door deadning.

    tuning all the above of course

    Marc G

    • says


      We can definitely help you.. please stop in with your vehicle and we can go over all of your options and allow you to listen to various equipment. Let us know what a good day and time would be to set up your free in-store consultation.

  6. Arunas says

    I brought 2015 Honda Accord EX_L and I would like to know, how you connect Audison Bit Ten D to HU low level outputs? They are separate for TW, WU and SW. Audison only have one pair of low level inputs. Did you used some line driver to summing signals (HI/LO to FULL).
    I am very interested
    Thank you in advance

  7. Drew Montoya says

    I would like to know what some thing like that would cost me.
    I have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport but wwhen you say after the mod every thing worked the same that means even the cell phone calls and noise canceling worked also?
    Please let me know, I am very interested. Thanks..

  8. Danny says

    Hi Mitchell,
    I have a 2013 lx, and planned upgrade my speakers and adding a sub, but I read online that the sub will be a problem with the ANC system, and did noticed some questions above regarding the feedback noises. Did you run into any issue with this? What was the fix? Thanks.

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