Repeat Client Has 2nd Mercedes Window Tint Installation Done at Mobile Edge

Who can you trust with your new Mercedes-Benz E Class? This Lehighton client chose the same facility that had tinted his last Mercedes.  At Mobile Edge, we go the extra mile to take care of your vehicle.  That means taking extra care to prevent scratches and stains by using things like seat covers, steering wheel covers, and floor mats. We tape the areas of the car where we will be working to make sure that we won’t brush up against the paint and leave a scratch or mark. This is not just on a Mercedes or BMW.  We do this on every car we pull into the shop.

It’s our promise to return your vehicle to you better than the way you brought it to us. It’s a promise we take very seriously and one that we go out of our way to deliver on. Weather it be widow tint, a remote car starter, or a new audio system, we go over every vehicle with a fine tooth comb before we turn the first screw or clean the first window. We do the same thing before we hand the keys back to the client. It’s the right way.

If your window tint shop doesn’t  offer this much attention to detail, maybe it is time you give the folks at Mobile Edge a shot at your business.  Stop in and we will show you around.  We will take you into the install bay and show you exactly how your vehicle will be cared for.  So whether you are looking for Mercedes window tint or a remote starter for your Chevrolet, you can rest easy knowing you vehicle is in good hands.

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