Why Do We Need Your Vehicle For The Day?

Our installation professional, George Dougherty, checks in a vehicle before the install is performed

We’ve worked very hard for nearly 18 years to refine our policies to best suit our customers. A lot has changed through the years but one policy has remained the same since September 6, 1994: All installs require that you leave the vehicle for the day. Mobile Edge does not schedule installation times. We ask that you be able to leave the car for the entire day regardless of the anticipated length of install (of course some installs take several days).  We tell every customer that we will call when the project is finished but plan on the vehicle being with us all day.

Why do we do this? The simple answer is that this is the only way that we can continue to produce great installs. We work on vehicle’s electrical systems and you never know what you are going to run into. Our installers know that they can have the car for the day. If the run into a snag, it can cause delays. Because the installer is not working around a deadline, they can relax and work through the problem without being rushed.

Here’s another scenario

We tell you to drop your car off at 1pm and we will have it back to you at 3pm. Unfortunately, another job that was supposed to be wrapped up at 1:00pm ended up taking an extra 2 hours because of unforseen issues. This means that you come back at 3pm only to find your vehicle untouched. You wouldn’t be a happy camper. Neither would we.

We avoid situations like this by requiring that all vehicles be committed to us for the entire day. In nearly 20 years, we have NEVER scheduled a traditional “appointment” and it seems to be working very well for us and for our customers.  Our percentage of “installation errors” is less than 1/10 industry average.

Priority Appointment

We recognize that this may be an inconvenience for some people. To help with this, we offer what we call a “priority appointment.” Each day has availability for 1 priority appointment. If you schedule a priority appointment, we promise to work on your vehicle first. This still does not guarantee a completion time, but it usually gets your vehicle back earlier as opposed to later.

One More Thing…

At Mobile Edge, we do things differently than most shops.  All vehicles that are touched go through a check-in procedure where the entire vehicle is gone over.  We check for cosmetic and functionality issues.  When the install is complete, the installer repeats this same process and verifies all functions of the installed product.  AND THEN another person does it again just to make sure that something wasn’t missed.  This process takes time and adds to the length of the install.  It also prevents un-necessary issues and makes for happy, long-lasting customers.  If we were working on a deadline, you could be sure that things like this would get skipped when necessary to get the job out the door.  Since we are not working on a deadline, this gets done every single time.

We hope that this clears up the reasons behind this policy. We welcome your comments or suggestions.

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