My Remote Car Starter Stopped Working! – DON’T PANIC!

This time of the year rarely a week goes by that we don’t get a call from someone stating that their remote car starter stopped working.  Nearly every call is the result of one of the situations below and is easily solved.  While most of the  situations below apply to any good remote car starter, we will be specifically discussing the causes and solutions for the Compustar brand.

Remote Starter is in Valet Mode

Compustar Remote Control

The back of the Compustar remote control shows you how to get your vehicle out of valet mode. Click the photo for a larger image.

Symptoms: Lock and unlock buttons work as normal.  Pressing start does not produce any response from the vehicle.

Causes:  Accidentally pressed the combination of buttons to put car into valet mode, usually when in purse or pocket.  Also, many remote car starters will revert to valet mode when the vehicle is disconnected for service.

Any good remote car starter should have some form of valet mode.  This is a condition that the remote car starter can be put into to prevent the vehicle from starting remotely while allowing keyless entry and certain other functions to work.  You would do this when having service done to the vehicle.  Most of our remote starters are put into valet mode by  pressing a combination of 2 buttons on the remote control for 1/2 second.  Look on the back of your remote for the proper buttons to press to enter and exit valet mode (Usually Lock+Trunk).

When you press these buttons, the parking lights should flash 2 times.  Press the start button and your car should be warm and toasty!

Please note that certain other brands will have a “kill switch” under the dash that will accomplish this also.  Many times customers will accidentally bump this switch during day to day driving, causing the remote starter to go into valet mode.  This is easily corrected in most cases by simply flipping the switch in the other direction.

Please refer to your owners manual for instructions on how to get your particular starter in and out of valet mode.

Hood Pin Has Broken or Has Failed


A properly installed vehicle hood pin

This is what a properly installed hood pin looks like. The location of the hoodpin can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Note that in some cases, a tilt switch is used in lieu of a hood pin.

Symptoms: Pressing start results in several flashes of the parking lights but no start.  If equipped, lock and unlock will still function.

Cause: In most cases, the under hood pin switch has been broken or is corroded.

ANY remote starter must have a method of preventing the vehicle from starting when the hood is open. Without this, a mechanic could be seriously injured if the vehicle was remotely started while they were working on it.  In most cases, this is accomplished by a hood pin switch or a hood tilt switch.  Both of these devices will tell the car starter when the hood is opened.  These devices can fail over time or be broken if a mechanic leans on it accidentally.  Replacing the hood switch is a simple matter and can be done at most mobile electronics stores.

Remote Control Loses Programming

Symptoms: Pressing ANY button on the remote results in no response from vehicle.

Cause: It is rare, but does happen. In most cases, this is caused by a dead battery in the vehicle or having the battery disconnected when being serviced.

Remote starters usually have some type of non-volatile memory to retain things like programming features and remote control codes.  Like any “computer” device, sometimes they will lose their memory.  When this happens, simply call the store that installed it for you.  In some cases, they may be able to tell you how to reprogram it over the phone.  Other times you will need to return to the store for a technician to program it.  In any case, this is rare with higher end remote starters.

Remote is in 2nd Car Mode

Symptoms: Pressing ANY button on the remote results in no response from vehicle.

Causes: A combination of buttons were accidentally pressed and put the remote in 2nd car mode.

Again, this is very rare, but happens from time to time.  Many remote car starter remote controls have the ability to start 2 vehicles.  If the remote is accidentally placed into 2nd car mode, it will not start or operate vehicle #1.  Simply read your owners manual or call your installer for directions on how to revert the remote back to car #1.


There are a lot of myths surrounding remote car starters.  Most are simply untrue.  If you get a quality remote car starter installed by a professional installer, you will minimize your odds of having problems.  Most of the time, any situations that do come up can be solved by following the advice above.

Some final advice:  When you are choosing a remote car starter and installer, do not trust your vehicle to the lowest bidder and be sure  to get it installed where you bought it!

We hope that this helps and we welcome your feedback in the comments section below!  Please keep in mind that requests for technical support must be accompanied by the full name of person who originally purchased the starter at Mobile Edge or the original invoice number.  We do not have the resources to provide technical support for starters not installed at Mobile Edge.  Thank you for your understanding.


For detailed information on purchasing a remote car starter, please consider The Ultimate Remote Car Starter Buying Guide.  It is filled with over 25 pages of great advice to ensure that your buying experience is a great one!


  1. John says

    Hi Mitch, You gave allot of very valuable information on remote starters and would like to ask you a question. I have a top of the line remote starter/security system that was installed in my low mileage 1994 Grand Prix GTP by the selling company and when I hit the remote switch everything lights up and it does everything but start the car. The other day I put the key in the ignition and put it in accessory mode and hit the start button on the remote and the car started. It only starts in that mode and I don’t know why. I might add that the car needs a starter because when I try and start it sometimes I only get a click when using the ignition switch. It would do the same with the remote until recently. Is there something I might have done to make the remote only start or try to start in accessory mode only ? My Best, John

    • says

      If you are having problems with the vehicle when trying to start it with the key, the first thing that I would do is to correct that issue. There is a good possibility that this will correct your issue with the remote starter also. If not, I would make sure that it is not in “valet” mode… This is set differently with different Makes of remote starters so you would have to check your owners manual… If that does not solve the issue, I would contact the place that installed it and see what they have to say about it… I doubt that it is anything major.

      • Popimp_8 says

        How do I find out what brand my auto start is? I have numbers on my key pob and says its datastart but can’t find nothing on it? Its on a Chrysler 300c if that helps it unlocks doors locks and trunk but a click noise comes from under dash ..I hit start and it clicks six times and no start?

  2. Karie Little says

    i get up in morning tail lights on but car not running. battery almost dead. hust bought a new battery
    push start on remote lights go on car starts then dies. help sos

    • says

      Karie, I’d love to help on this, but for something like you are describing, there are way too many variables… You really need to go back to the shop that installed it and have them do a troubleshoot on it.

  3. jeremy says

    i have a compustar car starter and when i go to start my car it will turn the car on multipul times but will not start. between when it was working and now thye battery has been disconnected and thcar has had another factory regular key fob programmed to it any ideas?

    • says

      That’s a great question and an easy solution (most likely)…. If I had to guess you have a vehicle that has a transponder key. When they disconnected the battery it is possible that the transponder bypass that was installed lost programming… While this is not necessarily supposed to happen, it sometimes does. Your dealer should be able to reprogram this very easily. You will need to take the vehicle back to the dealer that installed it. They may or may not charge for this service. One other possibility is that your mechanic (battery replacement) severed the wire that senses the tach signal… Why not likely, it is a possibility. Good luck with your problem… It shouldn’t be anything major!

  4. Misty says

    I have a remote starter on my car, that my boyfriend bought online, and then took it to an installer for the installation. The car’s engine will “try to start”, but it sounds as if it isn’t getting enough gas to the engine, or the ignition is not turning long enough for the car to start. It worked fine for a year, and now this happens……any suggestions as to taking it to the installer (because the remote starter may need to be adjusted) or taking it to a car repair shop (because the actual starter on the car is not working)?? I did ask the dealership about it when getting an oil change, and they stated I would need to go to the installer, but I have a feeling the installer may tell me to take it to the dealer.

    • says

      I would contact the dealer who installed it and discuss it with them. It is really difficult to give you any kind of diagnosis without actually taking a look at it. If the car is starting fine with the key then I would tend to look towards the remote starter, but that is not a certainty.

      On another note, take a minute and read this post I did a few years ago…. Just for future reference:
      You situation, unfortunately, is exactly what can happen when a remote starter is bought at one place and installed in another.. And you get stuck in the middle..

      I wish you luck!

  5. C Prosser says

    I have a Compustar 2 way remote starter in my 2007 Matrix, just installed in April 2011. When I press the button to lock the doors I get 3 beeps and the display shows me my hood is open. The car still locks but sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours the remote beeps twice and says the doors have been opened (the doors don’t unlock though). When I try to remote start the display agan tells me the hood is open and nothing happens. I have already brought my car back once to the installer and they popped the hood and did ‘something’ and everything worked again…well 2 weeks later and the same problems are happening again…does this have something to do with the hood pin shown above?

    • says

      It’s very difficult to diagnose something like this without seems the vehicle. One the surface, it sounds like you have a defective or mis-aligned hood pin. I would highly recommend that you take the vehicle back to the installer and let them check it out. They should be able to solve this issue for you.

  6. Shawna says

    My remote car starter stopped working. When I hit buttons on remote my hazard lights flash 1 or 2 times, but car will not start. Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to correct it?

    • says

      It could be any number of things… I’d use this post as a guide and if you are not able to solve the problem, I would take it back to the shop that installed it and have then do a troubleshoot on it.

  7. Andrew Chambers says

    Hey Mitch
    I recently bought a used truck last week that had valet remote start on it. The dealer wasn’t aware of it and I discovered it by accident. I was playing around with the remote and I discovered a valet pamphlet in the papers I was throwing out. Today I got the battery replaced and now the remote start doesn’t work. The truck will start and then cut off within the second and the security light will come on and the cluster gauges will just freeze and the lights would remain on as if the truck is running. The fob won’t unlock the door and I would have to unlock the door with the key and hit the brake to get the cluster gauges to unfreeze and the parking lights to turn off. I’m unsure of where the system was installed as this truck had 2 previous owners. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Once again, very difficult to diagnose like this, but I would guess that the transponder bypass has lost programming.. This would be an explanation for why the truck starts and then stops right away. I can’t explain why the remote is no longer unlocking. I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can help or refer you to a local dealer for assistance.

  8. Dave says

    I’ve got a remote starter by auotstar model AS-1725 SH.
    I just had the battery replaced in the car, and now the remote does not start the car. The parking lights come on for two seconds, then turn off, then flash for three times slowly. Car does not start. Before the parking lights came on, then go off while starting, then come back on when car starts.

    • says

      My guess is that you have some type of transponder bypass included with your remote starter installation. These devices typically need to be programmed to your car. Occasionally, losing power (or replacing a battery) may result in the device losing programming. I would go back to the shop that installed it and asked them to take a look. I’ll bet its a simple fix.

      • Dave says

        I looked around the web at different blogs, and found a similar problem. What I had done while changing the battery, was leave the key in the On position. I removed the ground wire for 30 seconds, and reconnected with the key out of the ignition, and everything is back to normal.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I have a Ford Escape XLT Yr. 2008 that has a autostart remote. The other day (it was cold outside) I pushed the autostart/remote start and nothing happened. I noticed that once I pushed the autostart button my park lights did not come and the LED light in the car which controls the autostart was on as a steady light as opposed to flashing. I did research on the web and figured out if I turned the ignition switch from off to the run postion a few times I could get the LED light to flash again but autostart still does not work. Do you know what would cause this problem. I can’t seem to figure out how to reprogram the fob for autostart to work again. It is winter and really cold where I live and not happy about going outside in the cold to start my truck.

    • says

      We do not offer that brand so I would not know the specifics of how to program it. I would either contact the dealer who installed it or the manufacturer directly. It does sound to me that the remote has lost programming so I think you are on the right track!

  10. Pauline says

    Hi Mitch. I bought a car 2nd hand from a Ford dealership and the car has a remote starter that was not installed by the dealership that sold me the car so they won’t work in it. Anyway, when I got the car the remote start worked one time then months later I went to use the remote start and it won’t work. Any suggestions since I don’t know what kind of remote start it is…the key fob buttons are so worn…andi don’t know who installed it? Will I need to just have this old one taken out and a new one installed? Looking forward to a response.

    • says

      Pauline, I really wish I could help…. That’s a tough one. Without knowing the brand, there is little that I can do. Let me know what city you are near and perhaps I know someone in your area that can help.

      • Pauline says

        Thanks Mike. I live in Ravena, NY if you happen to know of anyone who may be able to help. Thank you. I appreciate any assistance you can give.

          • harpreet says

            Hi ,
            My car remote stopped working instantly, usually when i press lock unlock or start button , it do sound and car got started or got lock unlock but i now i don’t now what happen when i press any button , i see some action on remote screen like lock unlock and battery flashing but now it wont start and neither lock unlock the car, please advise me.Its Astrostart 2 way


  11. Chantal says

    I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred and a dealership installed remote control for my car. The remote worked fine until last winter when travelling to London. I’m not sure what I did but since then, the remote start will not start my car. I have a remote with a single press button (key diagram) and no other buttons on this remote. When I try to start the car, it beeps once which after a few seconds should start but then it beeps again 4 times and done. Nothing happens. I’ve tried to find a solution in the owner’s manual, but unfortunatly, it’s french and although I can read it and write, there is nothing in there that seems to have anything to do with the remote starter.
    Can you help me out or do I have to go to the dealership to fix this problem.
    Will be looking forward to your reply!

    • says

      Well…… As is my usual disclaimer… It’s hard to diagnose something like this in this way. My educated guess is that perhaps your battery in your vehicle died for an extended period of time (while in London?) and the remote starter or the bypass lost programming. I could be way off on this one… Unfortunately, I have to recommend that you re-visit you dealer with this issue. Always go to the original installer if possible with issues. Always wanted to see London………. Good luck.

      • Chantal says

        Thanks Mike!
        I will go to the dealer and see what they say and will let you know; (just for the heck of the matter).
        And London is pretty nice!!!

  12. Sofiane says

    Hi, i lost my remote control for my car for the starter, so there is anyway can I get anew remote without changing my system that I have already in my car.

  13. Chris says

    hi my fathers remote start worked fine for awhile but now it won’t, all it does is turn all the lights on clicks like it sounds like its going to start but never does, what could be wrong? Car itself starts fine with key. Another question my father’s car is an 07 chevy malibu would i be able to use the same kit in my 06 chevy colorado since he doesn’t care to use it?

    • says

      My guess would be that it is a Passlock issue on that vehicle.. Probably just needs reprogramming… Take it back to where you bought it and they should be able to do that for you. As far as switching it to the Colorado… Very likely it is possible… If you do, insist on a new harness kit… It will cost extra, but it is the right way to do it.

  14. Chris says

    An Xtreme EX-2300 TW was installed on my Toyota corolla 8 years ago. Starting 2 years ago, the remote doesn’t beep but it still opens closes door starts engine and flashes as confirmation as normal. You know why it doesn’t beep?

    • says

      Chris, I’m sorry but I have never heard of this brand. I’d guess that it is a defect in the remote, but I would contact the manufacturer directly.

  15. Humpfrey says

    I have a remote start on a 2004 Saturn Ion (not red line). The door lock/unlock works but if I press the remote start the car starter kicks in and right back out, the key will not start the car and the Passlock (car/lock) light flashes. The car will start with the key if i wait 10 to 15 minutes. It was a present install by a large retailer that is now out of business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      There is an issue with the Passlock bypass module. It likely has lost programming. You should contact the starter manufacturer or the bypass manufacturer to determine the proper programming procedure.

      • Debbie Frezza says

        My starter remote only has one button. When I press it the car sounds like it’s going to start, even the radio comes on, but instead of starting it beep 4 times. Any idea what the code for 4 beeps is?

        • says

          I wouldn’t know specifically what is wrong with your unit. I would suspect that it is a tach or transponder issue. You should check with the shop that installed it.

  16. Gerry says

    I have a 1999 mazda protege, manual transmission, basic with no power locks, with an Autostart remote starter. It’s worked like a charm for all of these years. I have to manually set it before I leave the car, it continues to run, and then I hit the stop button once I’m out of the car – then it’s set for the night. Today it decided not to start for me, nor did the rear lights on the car come on as they normally do before it starts, etc. When I tried to set it again tonight, it set just fine. However, when I hit the stop button to shut the engine down for the night, it didn’t respond at all.
    – It’s not the battery in the remote because I was able to use the unlock button to set it. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Any ideas?

  17. Darlene says

    The little box on the windshield has a little green light that use to blind, it stopped blinding and is now red. When you press the remote you can hear a click but it won’t start. Any idea what could be wrong.

    • says


      Hard to say for sure, but it might be something as simple as the remote starter being in valet mode. Check with your installer and they should be able to get it taken care of.

  18. Victor says

    Hi, I got a compustar 2 way remote start. The car starts but my remote doesn’t receive confirmations even if it is in range. I dont know what the problem is.

    • says


      You may have a bad transmitter or antenna. Please go to the shop where you had it installed and they should be able to diagnose it for you.

  19. Glenn says

    I have an aftermarket remote in my 2004 Ford Explorer sport trac xlt. I do not know the type as this is a second hand vehicle i just purchased. My problem is my remote will not unlock my doors. It will do everything else but not unlock my doors. Any ideas. P:s. when i push the unlock button the interior lights come on and the dashboard lights come on just like it would if the doors unlocked.

    • says


      Tough one… I’m assuming that the power door lock work when you press the switch on the door? If that is the case, I would check any wiring that is associated with the power door locks and the remote starter and make sure that there is not a loose, bad or shorted connection.

      • Glenn says


        found the problem today and it did have to do with the wiring. THe tech (whoever that was) hooked up the door lock relay to the wrong wire. Sometimes worked but most times didn’t. Was rewired and works like a charm now. Thanks for the help.

  20. Ariel says

    Hi mitch, my remote starter was included With The Car, wich i bougth ‘as is’
    So I have no manual and The dealler maybe didn’t installed it.
    Car doesn’t start But lock/ unlock Work OK. The blue LED in The receiver is solid and Not blinking as it was when working fine. I hopee you can Help me whit so little info.

  21. Connie says

    I have replaced my remotes batteries but still need to be very close to remite start it. Are there batteries on the responder in the car that need to be replaced also?

  22. Tiffany says

    I’m not sure if the remote starter could cause some of my lights not to work but when i use my remote starter the lights i cant get to work flash the whole time until i drive the vehicle… Could those wires got crossed with the remote starter?

    • says


      VERY tough call.. I want to help but I really can’t … take the vehicle to the installer that worked on it originally.. they should be able to fix it if indeed, the problem is with the starter..

  23. Dave says


    Bought a 2011 Honda CRV. Dealer added a Vioer 5301. When they added the Viper, they disabled the factory key fob remotes for the doors. Why? Why can’t the factory key fobs be used to open the doors. Don’t like having to press the Viper 3 times to unlock the doors.


    • says

      I can’t think of any reason that they would have disabled this on your vehicle. I would consult with the dealer and find out why.

  24. Neftaly says

    I haves 95 geo prizm and hooked up a compustar remote
    starterto it I had a problem with the battery and had to reset it my self.
    I got it starting fine now with the remote but now I can not unlock or lock
    the doors With the remote anymore … Any ides?

    • says

      Very odd. I’d guess it is an issue with programming. Tough to say. Usually it’s is the other way around and it’s a simple matter of taking the device out of valet mode. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

  25. Bruce says

    I have 98 Silverado with a Valet 551R that was installed in 99. It worked flawlessly until about a year and a half ago. Since then if the temperature drops below about 30 degrees the vehicle won’t start. It does act like it tries too and by that I mean that it will act like it has a dead battery in the truck. You know, the old eruuun, eruun click. click, click. However, if I go out and use the key it starts the first and every time. I have replaced the battery in the remote unit and the truck as well. Same problem. If the temperature warms up however it always starts like it always did. Maybe it too just got old like myself and it doesn’t want to work in the cold. Have you ever heard of this before? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Bruce, you also have a strange one going on! A couple of thoughts.
      1. Possibly it needs to have the tach single reprogrammed to crank slightly longer. However you said that it is like the dead battery scenario…. Worth a shot.
      2. Gm vehicles are notorious for issues with the ignition switch and wiring. Double check all of your wiring and connections. Could just be a loose ground or power connection from the remote starter to the ignition harness. Cold weather would put more of a demand on the ignition circuit.

      I’m hoping this gives you a start! I’m interested to hear what you find.

    • Russ says

      Bruce were you able to determine the problem for this? This just happened to my remote start this weekend… Car starts fine manually but won’t start by remote, like it’s not cranking long enough… Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed to Thanks folks!

  26. Paige says

    I had a remote starter installed and it worked fine for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden it was misfiring while starting and now it does not start at all, but will turn the battery and lights on. Is my battery being drained by the remote starter? There are so many myths out there and I just want to know if it is affecting my car in any way.

    • says

      Paige, what you really need to do it to go back to the store that installed it. Sounds like there is definitely a problem and the shop that installed it should take the time to diagnose it.

  27. linda says

    Just bought car (no warrenty) the blue light was solid not flashing for few months for last few weeks been flashing constantly, car won’t start at times wondering if this could be draining the battery or alternator. I have no book or info about the astero that was installed with this vechile or who installed it. Any info would be greatly appreciated, as I have never had autp start before.

    • says

      Linda, You would need to determine what brand and model remote starter you have… you may be able to tell this by looking at the remote. Once you determine that, I would contact that company’s tech support.

  28. Pradeep says

    Hi Mitch,
    I have Pontica G6 2007. When I try to start it with remote then tail lights flashs and turns off , Engines tries to start but it doesnot(I can hear sound from engine). I have checked the gas cap is tight, Check engine light is off, it still have engine oil for next 3000 miles Battery in the remote is good as i am able to lock and unlock the car from good distance. When i showd it to the dealer he asked me to taken a appointment. If this is a simple issue that I can resolve by my self then i dont want to take an appointment.
    Can you please give your expert advise.

  29. Cory says

    I have a compustar 2 way remote and it works awesome! Never had a problem but just last week it started beeping once about every minute. Nothing shows up on the display and everything works fine but just a bit annoying thanks!

    • says

      I am not sure what this could be… Perhaps change the battery in the remote? Short of that, I think that you should contact Compustar directly.

  30. Andres Hutten says

    Hi Mitch,
    I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe 2008, A.Transmission, AWD with Compustart JR1600. When I press the auto start button, the car turn on the panel in 2 sec., but start the engine after 100 sec. ( the car NOT flash the lights with some error code as informed at the users manual). All the other functions in the control work’s well and if I turn on the car with the keys, not have any problem….

    Best note and comments that I found in internet about the car remote starter….!

    • says

      Andres, It sounds to me that the remote starter was put into diesel mode. Take it to your nearest Compustar dealer and they should be able to get it out of diesel mode for you.

  31. mindy says

    I have a 99 sable about 2wks ago my remote stopped starting my car I changed the battery n it still doesn’t work. Yesterday I went to a store n I came out n tried to start my car with the key n it wouldn’t start. Any suggestions??

    • says

      Mindy, that could be any number of things. I would definitely take that back to whoever installed it and have them troubleshoot it. The possibility does exist that it is not a remote starter issue and is a problem with your vehicle.

  32. Raphaël says

    I have an autostart remote starter and my remote stopped working last saturday, no lights, no reaction whatsoever. Monday tried fiddling with the on/off switch I have under my dash. Car looked like it reacted to the switch, remote worked for the day. Came about today, remote doesn’t work. Fiddle with the switch tonight, starts working again…

    My local remote place was busy so the guy took a quick look and told me it probably was my remote that was on the fritz, but I doubt that now that I can make it work by tinkering with the switch.

    Any thoughts? (I know you don’t deal in autostart remote starters, but still)

    • says

      My first thought is to replace the batteries in the remote…. After that, you would really want to have someone take a look at it.

  33. Robert says

    Hello, I am currently in afghanistan and while being gine i left my 2004 powerstoke with my father. Since i have had him take it and have a compustar alarm/remote start on it. Yesterday he was messing with it after he parked the truck for the day and today he went to start the truck and it wont start with the key fob or the key. The truck will crank but no start. Just yesterday before he was trying to figure the remote out the truck was fine. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I will be home and just a few weeks and need to have it on the road. Thank You

    • says

      My guess is that if he lets it sit for a while (hour?) and then tries to start it with the key, it will start. Not too sure of what he could have done, but it sounds like the transponder has locked out. Usually waiting a period of time will solve this issue.. I hope this helps you… And thanks for your service to our country! Much appreciated.

  34. Jason says

    I had a compustart remote start/keyless entry system installed back in march and it has worked great since then. Today, while out at a winery, the system bit the dust. When I returned to the truck, the remote would not work at all. When I tried to start the truck, it would not turn over or attempt to start. The remote flashes but the truck does not acknowledge. When I try to start it with the key, it doesn’t even attempt to start. The radio doesn’t turn on, the window’s won’t respond. It is not a battery problem. AAA came out and tested the battery and the battery is fine. AAA did find that the positive battery terminal was loose and he tightened it down. Any possible solutions or idea’s will be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Jason says

      Just to add on, the issue has been diagnosed as a blown fusible link with the ignition, electronic brake and radiator fan fuses. The mechanic has not been able to recreate the problem. Could the remote start have done this? If so, any idea’s where the wiring mix up could be?

      • says

        Verify the main power and ground… Make sure there are no wires rubbed raw… Shorted wires or a poor ground could create issues like you describe.

  35. Not Happy says

    Since having Autostart remote starter installed the battery on the car has been going dead intermittently. Remote installers are adamant it is not the autostart and I’ve had it into Toyota 3 times for electrical evaluation and 2 new batteries and the problem still exists! Where does one go from here? No one wants to take responsibility or can accurately diagnose the problem.

    • says

      It’s very difficult to diagnose something like this without seeing the vehicle.  What I can tell you is this: Your installer OR the dealer should be able to do a simple current draw test with the remote starter hooked up and then with it disconnected.  If the change in current draw is not within acceptable limits, that will show that the problem lies in the remote starter or install…  The technicians need to be trained on the use of simple diagnostic equipment to do this test.

      Here is the “BUT”…. It can be an intermittent issue in the starter or another part of the vehicle and that will be very difficult to nail down..

      If you have been back to the installer several times, ask them to provide you with the results of the current draw tests.

      Unfortunately, if this is not the remote starters fault (and I would say it can go either way 50/50), this give your installers a bad name.  

    • says

      Not sure how a couple of these comments slipped past me. You issue sound like it could be something as simple as a blown fuse… It is also possible that the remote control has lost programming.. Check with your installer (i’m sure you have already… Sorry).. It likely is a simple fix.

  36. roger says

    hi my remot. starter worked today and my wife brought it home and now it dosnt work i checked the hood pin and the kill swith no lite come on when i push buttons on remote doors wont unlock and ideas?

    • says

      Not sure how a couple of these comments slipped past me. You issue sound like it could be something as simple as a blown fuse… It is also possible that the remote control has lost programming.. Check with your installer (i’m sure you have already… Sorry)..Probably a simple fix

  37. Daniel says

    Yesterday my friends and I were at the lake I pushed the lock button and asked one of them to check if it was locked they said know after the door had opened really confused i pushed it again nothing he then said just lock it from the inside i did while walking there i told him about the shady figure acroos from us in his car looking at our car he said to think nothing of it after words we went to dairy queem for some food and my car door locked with the switch again…,
    so i brought up the shady guy again and said is there a device for stoping cars from locking?

  38. Hugo says

    Yesterday I was at walmart and my remote start control stoped working i changed out the battery on it but it would not turn on. So i just unlocked the vehicle and the alarm went off i try to start it but it would turn on and the just shut off. So i had to leave the vehicle there. Helpp i dont know whats wrong!!

  39. Jen says

    I have a cool start remote starter and just changed the battery in the remotes. They started the car remotely right after i changed the battery, but now the remote starter is no longer starting the car. It can open and close the doors still tho. Can you help diagnose the problem?

  40. says

    Hi Guys , thanks for the little tutorial on trouble shotting, I have a remote starter/alarm combo in my truck, the manufacturer of that system actually has a trouble shooting guide and what the light blinks are indicating which make it easy to trouble shoot. My girlfriends car’s starter system manufatcurer however does not put a trouble shooting guide in their manual, and doesnt tell you what the lights time the number of blinks means, she hasnt been able to use her system since last year. Now that is cold again I decided to look into it. We couldnt get any lights blinking to tell us what was going on. I followed your guide and found it was in valet mode. It took a couple tries to get it to indicate it was out, but now the system is working fine the car is starting by remote and it is due to your trouble shotting guide, which saved me from having to pay to have it looked at.. Thanks for the guide, most useful tool you put together to help out folks!

  41. Tommy says

    My compustar S028956 remote start turns over 3 times than stops. I have to press the remote start button once than vehicle starts this happens on the first start of the day and when its cold out. When using key car starts no problem.

    • says

      My guess is that this is a transponder related issue. Take the vehicle back to where it was purchased and installed. If it is a transponder issue, it is likely an easy fix. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  42. CJ says

    My remote starter started my car today, within a few minutes-after I pressed the unlock button to get in- the car just stopped running. I got in and put my key in the ignition and it wouldn’t start at all. Battery is fine, lights, heat and everything runs, just won’t start. What now?

  43. Dave says

    interesting one here…2way compustar remote. Battery had recently died, boosted vehicle runs. The remote was in both Valet and Passive mode when all came back on. I took it out of both modes. Now the vehicle will start but after 4-5 mins (i have times it) When pressing start it acknowledges with the one beep and the dome light comes on, then 4-5 minutes later the engine will start and the notification beeps come in. I am wondering if the remote needs re-programming or there is a different issue

    • says

      Could be some type of diesel mode, but 4-5 minutes is quite long. I would take it to the shop that installed it and have them diagnose it. Likely is nothing major.

  44. Jon says

    I have a 2004 Sonata with (I believe) a stock car starter. I start the car with the remote and the vehicle starts no problem, however there is no power to anything inside the vehicle. All that starting the car does is warm the engine. The blower fan, radio, lights etc do not turn on or anything. This defeats the purpose of having a car starter when you have to brave the elements to literally put the key in the ignition and turn it to power on everything needed. Any help is good help. Thanks in advance

    • says

      Jon, we are not able to offer any advice on factory installed units. I would recommend that you visit the local Hyundai dealer for assistance. If it is aftermarket, it is likely that the accessory circuit is not tied in properly.

  45. Joe says

    I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring with a CoolStart Remote Starter. I am not sure what buttons I should be pushing to remote start the car. So far I can only get click sounds from the car. What buttons on the key fob should I hit to remote start the car? Or what needs to be done on my car to make the remote start work? Thank you.

  46. Peter says

    Hello just want to see if you could tell me why my remote does start the car well actually when I hit the starter the lights come on but will not try to start it could you tell me what maybe wrong thank you very much all i did was change the alternator

    • says

      It could be any number of things. Since you did work under the hood, the first thing tI would check is to make sure that the tach sense wire is still connected. It could also be a bypass programming issue. In either case, I would have your installer take a look at it. Likely not a big issue.

  47. Orlando says

    Hi Mitch, i have a 2002 dodge 1500 ram truck with a compustar cm3000. i had a mechanic work on the heater core, pullled down the steering column and dashboard. now when i try to remote start, the truck will run the starter three times, never starts. if i insert my key and put to the run position and remote start again, it will start and run. but then it will run the starter again and grind. did some cable wire or connector get disconnected from the cm3000 or the tach wire come loose? my key is not a transponder, just plain old key.

    • says

      Hard to diagnose without seeing it but I would start by checking the tach sensing wire. It usually runs through the firewall. I would also check and make sure the mechanic didn’t disconnect anything by accident. May have inadvertently cut a wire.

  48. Lucas walker says

    My wife’s car has the astrostart remote start keyless entry system in it. Four buttons on the remote lock,unlock,start and trunk. A few days ago the remote start stopped working. If you pushed the button a few times it would finally activate to start and the same with the door locks you would hit the button like ten times then it would work. Now nothing works. Can start the car with the key just fine the button just doesn’t work at all I replaced the battery’s thinking they was to weak but nope not the problem I tried the other key fob we have for spare and still not working. This has worked for over two years so weird that it quit all of a sudden. There is nothing new I the car no service lights or anything.

  49. says


    I have a 2006 Dodge Avenger with remote start. If I let the car “sit” for maybe 1 hour etc. and try the remote start, SOMETIMES it doesnt work. I get one horn blast and then nothing.

    IF I get into the car, start it, then shut it down, lock the doors and THEN try the remote start, it works EVERY TIME. Seems like SOMETHING may be shutting power down to the remote starter after the car sits for awhile.

    I am pretty sure the battery is up to snuff – car starts very well when it does.

    Any thoughts?


    • Jesse says

      Make sure the starter has constant power and not switched power. Also check to your tach settings and crank time if applicable. Depending on the install type and product will determine which feature is best suited.

  50. jason says

    hi i have a toyota pickup 1995 i installed a one way compustar starter alarm combo when i pull the emergancy brake remove the key and exit the truck the blue light stars flashing in the truck witch is normal i try the remote starer 10min later it works fine but its only after an hour or 2 the when i try to start it that i get 3 flashes then 7 flashes from my lights on my truck and the blue LED light in the truck is still flashing as normal so i dont get why the blue LED is still flashing like its good to go but wont start. this has been an issue for about a month now. i have a compustar 1WSHR-1600.

    • Jesse says

      Check your crank time. When an engine is warm it starts a little quicker and requires less crank time then when the engine is cold. It could be cranking for not quite long enough before it starts which would cause it to shit the engine is cooling after a period of time needing an extra second.

  51. walt says

    i have a 2005 chrysler 300 3.5L pressing my remote starter twice makes my vehicles lights blink7-8 times ,vehicle doesn’t do anything if i press it again does the same and doesn’t start vehicle can anyone help please

    • Jesse says

      You need to determine the model starter you have and find an install or user guide for it online. In the troubleshooting section you should see a problem that corresponds with the amount of flashes. The starter is mounted under your dash and it should have a name or model on it. Check to be sure your hood pin is in working order if equipped.

  52. Tim says

    I have a nissan Maxima. When I try the remote is does not work. The lights flash like they suppose to do but nothing happens. All I can say it just stopped working for some reason. What could be the problem and how can I fix it.

    • says

      There is no way for me to diagnose you issue with the information provided. Your best bet is take it back to your installer and have them take a look at it.

  53. Colette says

    We are stuck. We have this exact Compustar remote which came installed in our 2006 ford fusion. We have been using it for 3 years now. The remotes both have stopped. The doors will lock and unlock using the remotes, but the car tail lights or horn does not beep when we activate the door lock button. The trunk will not open using the remote, and the car will not auto start. The lights on the car do not go on or flash or blink we when press the auto start button. The blue lights on the remote do flicker when we hit door open, door lock, trunk and start. I have done the valet reset on each remote, trying it several times with no luck. The anti theft light on the dash in the car is no longer blinking. We found the box under the dashboard, with wires going up, but we cannot find a button on it to move or reset. The hood pin we cannot find. We unhooked the battery cable, and it did not resolve, and I tried resetting valet again. Still, no car lights or horn honk when we try anything. Everything was working perfectly last week. We have not had any service done on the car. There is a compustar receiver fastened inside the windshield behind the rear view window. I dont know if there is suppose to be a power light on that? Or if that might need a battery? The remote batteries should be ok, as they do flicker blue. Could the wires on the box under the dashboard, been moved, pulled out or disrupted? Could you explain better where this switch on that Box under dash is located to find? Thank you

    • says

      Colette, First of all, sorry for the delay. I somehow missed this when responding to comments. It sounds like you have pretty well covered your bases. I would definitely take it to an authorized Compustar dealer for diagnosis. I wish I had a better answer.

  54. Mike says

    Symptoms: Pressing ANY button on the remote results in no response from vehicle, only red lights on remote. I entered the passive mode UNLOCK+TRUNK UNLOCK, and the remote eas working normally.I have a 2011 Ford F-150. Hope this helps.

    • Colette says

      I just tried the passive, mode, which on mine is LOCK + TRUNK UNLOCK. The remote light flickers blue in response, but when I push the bottom autostart, the remote flickers but the car does not respond, the tail lights do not blink like they used to when we activated the remote. Thats why I am wondering if something in the car got unhooked, or has a battery problem. The car starts just fine with the key. Also, when I use the remote to lock or unlock the dorrs, it does do that on the car, but no tail lights flash in response, and horn does not honk once, like it used to.

      • says

        Colette, Honestly, it seems like it is in Valet mode. Be sure that you are pressing the Lock and Trunk buttons at precisely the same time and only for a half a second. Other thank that, it would need to be looked at. if this is an install that we did originally, please call us to set up an appointment for us to troubleshoot the issue at no charge. If it was purchased elsewhere, we would still be able to help but there would be a fee for our time. I hope this helps.

      • Colette says

        You have saved us a $100+ repair bill. What I was doing wrong was holding LOCK and TRUNK at the same time until the lights flickered on the remote. When I held the two down together for only a 1/2 second, it worked. It now will start the car using the remote and all the lights blink on the car as they are suppose to, and the horn chirps once when I hit lock. Thank you for making these posts available, and for actually responding to people questions in such a timely manner.

    • says

      There are several things that this could be, but the most likely reason is that the installer did not tie in or configure the factory alarm disarm feature (I’m assuming that the alarm that is sounding is a factory alarm)… If this is not tied in properly, the alarm will sound if the factory alarm is armed and the vehicle is remote started… The car thinks it is being stolen… Check with your installer. He/she will likely need to get back in there and do some work.

  55. niel says

    my problem was exactly as collette’s above. the half second timing to get out of valet mode is fairly critical. hold the buttons too long and the mode does not change. You’ve saved me a great deal of frustration and money as well…thank you

    • says

      Glad to help… It is a common issue that we see a lot at the store here… A lot of times, I’ll hit the 2 buttons covertly while walking out to the customer’s car to see the “issue.” Then I hit the start button and it magically starts. Customer looks at me like I have a third eye and I’ll say “Yes…. We are THAT good!” And then I show them what I did…

      As I said, its a common issue… but a very simple on to fix!

  56. Randy says

    Have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado with a nustart 1500 installed in it, worked fine up until last week lock and unlock buttons work but when i press the start button no lights flash but its like its turning the key on and off on and off because i can hear the blower motor come on and go off it will do these a couple times and then it locks the doors and nothing?

    Any help would be apperciated thanks!

    • says

      I would bet it’s a Passlock issue. You should take it back to your installer and have them check it out… That is a tough one to diagnose without seeing it..

  57. Brianna says

    I bought a used 2004 Saturn Ion a couple of years ago with a remote start installed. When I purchased the car, the remote start worked perfectly (not sure when it was originally installed). Last winter, it stopped working and I have not been able to get it to work since. Because the Saturn Ion has so many problems starting in the winter I would love to have it working again. There is no owners manual in the vehicle but from what I can tell it is a Valet 562T model with a 474T remote (looks like this:

    The lock, unlock, and auxiliary buttons all work (the aux opens the trunk), but the horn doesn’t beep when I lock the car, and the lights only flash sometimes when I unlock it. Pressing the star (yellow) button twice within 3 seconds used to start the car, but does not anymore. It sounds like it’s in valet mode but I need help getting it to work. Any suggestions?

    • says


      I agree that it sounds like it is a valet mode issue. Unfortunately, this is not a brand that we offer. I believe Valet remote car starters are made by Directed Electronics. I would try to contact them about this situation. It likely is a simple fix for someone who is familiar with that brand.

      Good luck.

  58. mary says

    I have a 2002 Honda Civic. I had a remote strater installed last year and it has been working trouble free until 3 days ago (during our -30 degree winter). I think I pressed the wrong button by mistake when I tried to start it at that time. I spoke with the installers (over the phone) and they did not tell me your great 1/2 second rule. I tried your way…and low and behold! It started. You saved me a trip of about 1 1/2 hours. I only tried starting it the once….and hoping it will start again tomorrow morning. :) If it doesn’t…I will let you know… otherwise THANK YOU!

  59. Patricia Flynn says

    Hello Mitch,
    I was hoping you could help me as I have been calling the dealer, leaving several messages over the last month and have had no return call.
    We own a 2004 Honda Odessey and had a remote starte/entry installed when we purchased the car. Lately the car will start remotely then the engine cuts out within 1-2 seconds. The dash lights, radio and heater stay on like the key was in the dash but the car does not stay running.
    The red alarm light does appear to be functioning appropriately.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • says

      I’d suspect that your issue is a related to the transponder. It really is something that you will need to have someone take a look at. If I am correct it is nothing major, but does require a professional to service. Good luck!

  60. Scott says


    I have a 2008 Dodge Charger R/T with a remote start that was installed before I bought it from the dealership. Last month my battery died for reasons unknown, took a charge and has held it for a month, however the remote start has not worked since the battery was disconnected.

    I read that it may be necessary to take the car back to the place of install, however was trying to avoid that because this dealership, I won’t mention any names, Bill Luke, has ripped me off, swirled the car and performed below average work on the vehicle in the past.

    Do you have any advice on how to maybe solve this problem WITHOUT going back to the dirty dealership???

    Thanks for your help!!

    Scott in Phx

    • says

      Sounds like your remotes need reprogramming.. It is possible that the manufacturer would be able to walk you through the reprogramming procedure. Give them a call and see what they can tell you. in some cases, remotes need to be programmed by the installer in which case you will need to find an authorized dealer for your product in your area. Good luck!

  61. Denny says

    Hi there I have a compustar 901ss 2 way car starter. Lately I tried to auto start my car with remote and it keeps giving me an error 01 on the display. I’ve read the manual and it says related to Engine On. It also shows on my remote that the engine is running. Can anyone help me out?

  62. sean says

    Mitch is right, i was having the same problem but the trick is to only hit the lock and trunk buttons for half a second,i kept holding them and got no results….Thanks Mitch

  63. Cindy says

    I have a remote starter , was working fine and then one day everything just stopped working. I have replaced the batteries in both remotes still nothing . What’s my next step?

    • says

      That’s a tough one… Could be any number of things. Perhaps something as simple as the remotes losing programming… Contact your installer and set up an appointment to have it looked at.

  64. Barbara says

    I just got a 2005 jeep liberty with remote start, It worked fine for the first couple of days. After almost a week it starts and shuts off immediately and then starts again and shuts off. The check engine light came on about the same time that stopped working right. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • says

      Sorry I am late in responding.. My guess is that you’ve solved this by now… In any case, you definitely want to take it back to your installer. Could be transponder related. Also could be programming.. Does sound starter related based on the info you provided. Again, sorry for the delay. Let me know how you made out.

  65. steve says

    i have a 2000 ford f250 superduty the auto start on it is made by astroflex or astrostart. when i press the buttons i can hear the starter under the dash clicking… also when i start the vehicle with the key i can hear it clicking… but it will; not start the vehicle…

    • says

      There ought to be an On/Off switch under the dash. Be sure that it is in the on position. I know that is pretty basic info, but you would be amazed how many people forget that this switch exists!

  66. Alberto says

    I have a 2004 Acura tsx and I had a remote starter put on by a proffenial about
    A year ago and just two days ago I try to start the car but there is nothing happening
    Whatsoever there is no electricity in da while car but jut the hazard ligth turns on
    At first I though it mitgh be the battery but I brought it to auto zone
    And they told me that its fully charge ,, and my car still completely death please help me what can I do ??????

    • says

      You need professional help. I would take the vehicle to a specialist in remote starters and have them rule out the remote starter as the problem. It is possible that the starter is causing the problem, but it is just as likely that it is not. Good Luck!

  67. Bob Connolly says

    I have a 2003 Regal- starter works fine – but cannot unlock my floor shift. Any suggestions – the model is AstroStart

    • D.Glee says

      I recently bought a vehicle that has remote start function. However I must have hit a button by accident and now they car will only start with the remote and not manually. It was a private sale and the remote’s brand is worn off. The previous owner does not know how to disable this function. I only have FCC ID: JT3KT7A which is installed on a Dodge 01 Intrepid.

    • says

      Bob, I do not have any ideas for you on this one. Sorry. My best guess is that this is not related to your remote car starter. I could be wrong since I am not able to inspect it myself, but I’d bet that I’m right!

  68. Gwen says

    I have an 09 Malibu, remote start will make lights flash and start engine but immediatly dies! To start the process over the battery has to be unhooked then it will make lights flash and start then die!

    • says

      Most definitely it is a Passlock bypass related issue.. I would stop using the remote starter until you can get this to a professional for service.

  69. Dan says

    I have a Clifford (Arrow 5) alarm with compustar starter. Lately when I try to start it the lights flash and a click can be heard but nothing happens. The blue LED flashes 10 times. Even after a few tries. However, if I try it later during the day it can start up without any problem. I’m wondering if it isn’t power related.

    Thank you for your time.


  70. Lynne says

    Hi Mitch,

    Any idea how I can resolve this issue? My remote alarm starter stopped working over night? I notice the LED light mounted on the windshield is no longer lit up? The doors won’t lock & unlock by remote either? I can only unlock the door manually and as soon as I open the door, the alarm goes off until I put the key in the ignition and start the car? I did change the battery in the remote as well so am certain that’s not the issue? Your suggestion would be appreciated. I have no manual as I purchased the car used 6 months ago

    • says

      Lynne, I would need a lot more information in order to offer any advice… What kind of vehicle, what make and model Remote Car Starter, etc. ?? Feel free to drop in with the vehicle if you are in our area.

  71. Tamara says

    I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra and I have had a Python 890 car starter installed since I bought the car. Recently for no reason, the car starter stopped working, so response what so ever. I can lock and unlock the car, as well as pop the trunk from the key chain, but the car will not start. I don’t know if maybe my kids grabbed the remote and put the car into an unresponsive mode. I found a small black button with a red light behind the coin drawer where the fuses are and held it in to possibly reset the valet mode. But that too didn’t work. I had bought and had the car starter installed by Circuit City, but they have gone out of business so the warranty is no good. Please help.

    • says

      Tamara, I suspect that your remote starter is in Valet mode. I would use Google to try to determine the proper method of getting the Python Remote Car Starter out of valet mode. Thanks for posting.

  72. Marcelo Aliberti says

    Hi, Mitch. I have a Ford Explorer 2007, with a Viper 5904. When I remote start the truck it starts, one minute after it stops and re starts again, stops one minute later and remains stopped. When I check the starter code error it give me 9 flashes, which means battery. the truck battery is ok. The starter is programmed in virtual tach mode not battery. Should I feed the starter with an individual cable from battery?, if so, which gauge should it be? Thank you.

    • says

      Marcelo, Unfortunately, we do not offer any kind of specific installation advice on this website. We also do not offer the Viper brand in our store so i would not be able to help you with the “9 flashes” error code. I would contact the manufacturer directly with your question.

  73. rosalia says

    This has happened twice. Started car with remote start, got into car and dash board lights go on side mirrors that were pulled in wont go out radio not working. it does lock and at night you can see led lights on even the door panel lights where you adjust seat, mirrors driver 1&2.

    • says

      Rosalia, You really are going to need to take this to a professional. Preferably the same folks that installed your starter. There is a lot going on there and it is likely a programming issue but no way to tell for sure.

  74. OnDeane says

    Recently I had to get a new key made and programmed for my 2003 Nissan Altima bc the mechanic lost the old one. Now my remote start won’t work. The car starts with the key but with the remote it just cranks, never turning over. I did get it to remote start w/ the key just sitting in the ignition (don’t know how I managed that).m Any suggestions?

  75. LaShawn says

    Hi! I have a 2004 Chrysler 300m with a Astro remote starter
    All was well until I had to put oil in it……The car started up for about 2-3 seconds and this happened twice. When tried for a 3rd time the car wouldn’t start remotely or with key. When turned key to see if the lights, radio, wipers, windows & locks work…..they worked fine and the head lights. Did something accidently get switched in codes??! Because all was well even after the oil change up until this moment when the car was parked for about an hour.

    Please advise. Thank you in advance.

    • says

      Very tough to diagnose without seeing it, but I suspect that the transponder bypass has lost programming… When it makes too many failed attempts, it locks out for a period of time. Please take it to an authorized Astrostart dealer and explain your situation.

  76. Richie Aguilera says

    Hi , I own a 1999 Ford Mustang GT and bought it with the Cool Start remote start already installed. I have the issue where when I press the buttons, nothing responds. The remote just flickers green and red simultaneously. It will not Unlock or Lock my car doors. On the back of the remote it says FCC ID: Q6WBT4123. When I hold the VEH button it shows that it is cnnected to the car but the other buttons will not respond. Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  77. toni says

    I have read a lot of information online regarding disabeling valet mode and find that I have an unusual remote device. I only have one button and it is separate from my door/trunk/alarm device. I don’t know what #2 button people are writing about; I don’t have two buttons, I only have one. Also, this button under my steering wheel does not exist because I looked for it at Noon when the sun was at it’s brightest. I had my car serviced in April and just noticed that my remote starter is not working. I’ve had the car serviced many times and this has never happened before. I also can’t seem to find the “hood pin”. I’ve asked my guy friends who work on cars 40 hours a week and have no idea what I’m talking about. I would take it back to the dealership but I don’t trust them. I’ve been trying to work on this by myself but there seems to be no real, valuable help. The do-it-urself videos on you tube are great if you have four hands and a tool box to die for. I wish there was just an easy set of instructions without five different scenarios but that just isn’t the case.

  78. phillip says

    my 05 nissan maxima used to sound the horn and blink the lights when i locked the car and it would blink the lights when i unlocked it. not it only blinks the lights when i lock it but no horn and now it wont do anything when i unlock it no lights or anything why?

    • says

      Phillip, I can’t really help without knowing what brand remote starter you have. That said, if everything else is functioning properly, it could be that you have just put it into some sort of “silent” mode. Google the company and see if their tech department can tell you how to get it out of that mode.

  79. Kahlin says

    My autostart does not work at all anymore, however the lock and unlock functions still work sort of. They do lock and unlock the doors, but when I hit lock, the horn no longer blasts with it.

  80. says

    What I think is my hood on switch wire got broke off somehow and now the led light on the receiver in the car doesn’t blink like it usually does but when I press the button it lights up so it has power. If I grounded the hood pin switch wire should it work ? I have a compustar one. Not sure the model number. None of the bottoms work (lock,unlock,trunk,start). There’s no place that works on command stat within 3 Hours of where I live so any help would be nice. Thanks

    • says

      Since a hood pin for a remote starter is a safety device, we would not be able to offer you any advice on how to bypass it. The good news: A hood pin is not expensive to replace. Do to any reputable installer and they should be able to repair this for you for a very reasonable price.

  81. chares says

    I think the remote starter in my car is killing my battery when the car is off. I bought the car in 2004, it is a 1999 Pontiac grandam. I knew there was a remote start installed on the vehical, however I used it maybe 3 times since I’ve had this vehicle. I’ve tried changing the battery, testing the alternator, testing the charging system, checking the wiring throughout the vehicle. and my car is still dying if it sits for 48+ hours.

    • says

      Chares, if you suspect that it has something to do with the starter, I would recommend that you take it to a reputable installer in your area for troubleshooting. They should be able to determine if the remote starter is causing any type of current draw on your system.

  82. Tony says

    Hi there Mitch,
    I have a “KONTAK” remote start on my ’06 TITAN. Over the past few months, when I press to start, the engine turns over(starter engages), but does not start. Have you run across this one?

  83. tarun says

    i have a viper romote start……..starter is working fine but the problem is with lock unlock button……….it doesnt work…………wat could be the issue

  84. john says

    I have a 2007 chevy impala with a artic start 2 way remote start,when I press my remote to start the vehicle I get a steady red led flashing on the remote,it wont allow me to unlock or lock the doors either,any suggestions?…thanks!

  85. Rafael G says

    I have a ford f150 08 and everything works fine on the remote but my truck only turns on for like a minute then it turn off I don’t know why. Plz help

  86. Ben Ram says


    Great web site, to bad I live over 2000 miles away or I would visit your shop. I do have a problem though. My wife’s 2007 GMC Yukon XL with a OEM factory assembly-line installed start/lock/unlock/tailgate hatch remote works only after unlocking or locking the driver side door. After doing this, the remote works perfectly – but once you lock the vehicle and wait for about five minutes the remote ceases to work until you start the whole process again of unlocking the vehicle from the driver side door. What gives? BTW the dealership wanted over a $1000 to fix it! I would appreciate your insight.

    Thanks, Ben

  87. ismael says

    I have a hornet alarm/remot start on my jeep but for some reason when i got to start the truck it dont do nothing… And the brake light on my dash lights up. Why?

  88. nancy says


  89. jason says

    Q? if i touch the brakes and my locks are making loud click noises like there trying to unlock where should i start troubleshooting ? not sure of make of unit

    • says

      I wish I could help, but it really could be anywhere. Possibly a problem inside the remote starter itself. There is not an easy answer to that and we would need to look at the vehicle to determine anything. We would be happy to troubleshoot it for you if you live in our area, or we would recommend that you call a quality facility in your market.

  90. Cory Iseminger says

    Hi, I recently had my Subaru into the dealer for some engine work. they had to remove the engine from the car for a couple days while they worked on it. I have a Compustar Pro G4 starter in my car. it worked fine for years, and now it is having issues. It will start the car but the car immediately shuts off. the starter will start the car again, and it shuts off. starts one more time, and then shuts off and doesnt try again. This only happens after the car has been sitting for a few hours. if i was to try starting the car again after it goes thru the prior routine, most of the time it starts and stays on. I’ve seen in other posts about the bypass being messed up while they had the battery disconnected, does that sound like the problem here too? I plan to take it back to the dealer to have them fix whatever the problem is, i just want to have an idea of the issue before i go back in. Thanks!!

  91. Bhupinder Singh Farmaha says

    I have Pontiac Grand Prix 99 bought a year ago. The last owner has installed auto-start in it and was working fine. But, I broke the case of remote and other remote seems like not working. Can you please suggest any diagnostic or solutions.


  92. stephanie says

    Hi I have two remotes for my car and last last night my main remote worked fine but this morning when I went to unlock it nothing happened I also tried starting it with remote and nothing. So I tried my second one and it will only work if I’m right beside the car. I bought from Visions should I just take it there since its still under warranty?

  93. Paul says

    Last year I bought a car with a compustar remote start that uses a R1600 one way remote, this has been working without problem other than randomly when pressing the unlock button the alarm will go off .

    I just bought a second car and this had a similair antenna on the windshield, it didn’t come with any remotes or anything but I thought I’d take the spare remote that came with the first car and go through guide for programming a remote on the second car to see if it would work.

    To my surprise it works too well because now this remote is controlling both cars at the same time, as in if I press the remote start button both vehicles will start.

    Thinking it was because both vehicles were next to each other when I did the programming, I took the new vehicle on a drive and then tried the programming again, but when I came back it was still controlling both vehicles.

    The primary remote for the first car does not control the 2nd vehicle. Do you know how I can make the spare remote forget the first car?

    • says

      Typically, there are 4 programming spots for remotes in memory. If I am understanding you correctly, I would recommend that you use one of the remote to fill up all 4 spots on one car and the use the other remote to fill up the 4 spots on the other car. Good luck!

  94. Woody says

    09 Accord Compustar, doors lock and unlock. No trunk and no start.
    Tried unhooking neg. post on battery no help.
    Dealer that installed it is also gone.
    Trunk has not worked for a long time. Started out as an issue, it wouldn’t open when car was running on command start, now trunk never works.

    • cks says

      Hi I have a question, my remote control won’t start the car. The blue LED that always blinking in the car (on the receiver) is not.
      Is there a way to reset it or make it work again. It was in the parking for a while.

      • says

        It’s hard to say what your issue would be without more information. It is possible that the unit is simply stuck in Valet mode. Find out what model you have and then Google how you put it in and out of valet mode. I hope this gets you started.

    • says

      Woody, As with many of my answers to these questions, you really need to find a quality local facility that can troubleshoot and diagnose your issue. It sounds like you have a lot going on and I do not believe it is something as simple as benign in Valet mode (Though it is possible)… Google “Remote Car Starters [zip code]”…. that should give you a few area facilities that you can contact to get your vehicle in for diagnosis.

  95. Rachel says

    Hi, Mitch, have you ever heard about starters that won’t start when the weather reaches a certain temperature? I got my starter in 06 after I bought my car but now for the past few years my car won’t start by remote when its about 25 or below. It will start when it’s warmer. No one can figure it out. I’ve had a few suggestions but nothing’s worked. I’ve changed the battery and it’s not that. It will start later in the day when the temperature rises but when it’s really cold (when you really want it to start) it won’t. It will start, however when I go out start it manually. I tried to contact the place that installed it but I think they thought I was nuts. Thanks for any feedback!

    • says


      Wow… that is a strange one… I have run into that and interestingly enough, replacing the battery is usually the solution. Unfortunately I don’t have any other ideas for you. Sorry about that.

  96. Will says

    Hi Mitch,

    I hadn’t used the remote starter for about 6 months, tried it today, did not start but 4 ways started flashing. No response from the locks either. So, I started the car manually, turned off the car, 4 ways still flashing (30 minutes later). Any thoughts? Cheers.

    • says

      Will, it is possible that there is some interaction with the factory security system. If that happens again, try hitting unlock on your factory remote control. That will typically disengage the factory security. Let me know if that solves your issue.

  97. Dil says

    Hey Mitch,

    Thanks for the excellent post. I recently bought a pre-owned 2010 Chrysler Town & Country that has a factory installed remote start. Unfortunately the remote start button only makes the vehicle beep twice. The other remote is missing a battery, so I can’t try it. Any suggestions?


  98. Amish says

    Hi Mitch, I came across your topic and it helped me last time when my remote starter went into valet mode. But this time I tried everything but it didn’t worked. I have Compustar Prime remote (four button remote), I think its in Valet mode, but I tried to take it out of the valet mode by turning car ON and pressing button (lock+trunck) simultaneously for 1/2 second but nothing happens. My lock and unlock buttons works fine but without flash light which means that yes car is in valet mode. I noticed one more thing, there is one small valet switch installed on the front window just near the reae mirror and usually it flashes blue light but this time its doing nothing. Could you please help me in getting my car out of valet mode I really need my remote starter to work in this horrible winters in Alberta.
    Please help.!
    Thanks, Amish.

  99. says

    I have a 2011 Silverado. I recently had my remote starter taken out of my Tahoe and installed in the Silverado. It has been in the Tahoe for over 5 years. It worked just fine the last time I used it, but it has been since spring. Sometimes when I use it now my truck won’t shut off. I put the key in the ignition and put the truck in gear. Put it back in park and take the key out and my truck is still running. Pushing the brake without the key in the ignition doesn’t kill the truck. Hitting the remote start button 3 times won’t shut it off. Even the door lock button on the remote won’t work. I have to pull the fuel pump fuse to kill the truck. Then my lights and heater are stuck on and won’t go off, nor can I start the truck. I have to disconnect the battery and reconnect it to get everything working properly again. My installer, who installed it originally on my Tahoe think that the relays might be hanging up and I have to replace my remote starter. Any thoughts?

  100. says

    i broke my remote for my viper starter,bought a used remote and i can:t get it to work,tried most of the things on the web!but it still does”t do anything,the lights come on,blink but the truck does”t start,and the door locks don”t work either?

    • says

      Sorry, but I have no idea on this one. We do not offer that brand. Call the shop that originally installed the unit or the place where you bought the remote from and see if they can offer any advice.

  101. Lola says

    I got a remote starter installed on my van 3 months ago. It was working fine until last week that I took off the battery of the van. On putting back the battery, the remote wouldn’t work fine again. It works pretty good during the day but would not work early morning (when I need it most). The van starts fine with the keys at all times of the day. I don’t have an idea what make or model of the remote is. Any idea of what the problem is? Thanks.

    • says

      Lola, that is very odd. Try reprogramming the remote to the system. First you will need to find out what make and model starter it is and then you will need to contact the manufacturer or the original installer to get programming instructions for the remote. I cannot promise that this will solve your issue as you state that it does work sometime… It really is very odd.

  102. Tom says

    I have two questions.

    1) When I press the trunk button. All the doors unlock then the trunk opens. Which is a pain when I only want to get into the trunk and have to remember to relock the doors. The installer says this normal for compustar. Is that correct?

    2) My automatic door locks is set to when the rpms go over 2k rpms. In the manual it says there is another option to have it lock when I press the brake and put it in gear the first time. The installer says that option isn’t available for my 2005 Honda Accord Sedan. Is that correct?

    I’m just wondering if the installer just doesn’t want to anything else or I do have to live with the way it’s setup.


    • Tom says

      So I tried to reprogram it myself (button 1 & 2, repeat, button 4) but it wouldn’t get to the right option even though I kept tapping button 4 it wasn’t registering to get to the right option. Somehow I screwed up the automatic door locks because now they don’t lock when I drive or unlock when I shut the car off. So I went back to the installer and he set the correct option for the trunk. The option for automatic door locks was off so he set to the right option to use the brake instead of the tach rpms. The trunk now works correctly but the automatic door locks still don’t work. We thought it might have to reactivate it through the remote by pressing button 1 & 4 for half a second but it doesn’t register, no lights flash. Any idea what I screwed up. Everything is working lock, unlock, start, stop, trunk and timer, just not the automatic door locks.

      Any help is appreciated.

  103. Colin says

    I have a 1wshr-1600 remote car stater. Everything works fine but the trunk does not unlock. When i push the unlock button it unlocks all the doors instead. Any ideas?

  104. Heather says

    I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome article!! I think my problem is with the hood pin and will be looking at it later today! Fingers crossed!

  105. Ethan says

    My trunk wont open when pressing and holding the trunk button (On OEM key fob or Compstar remote) while the car is remote started! Help please?

    Model: Compustar 1WG6R-AM
    On a 2007 Honda Accord…

    • Tom says

      Ethan that’s normal. It’s the same on my 2005 accord. The power trunk release is disabled when the car is running. Start you car with your key and try to use the OEM key fob to open and you’ll see it won’t work.

      • says

        I mostly agree with Tom, but with one important difference. It is very common for a factory keyless entry system to shut down when the car is running. So it makes sense that your factory remote is not working when you remote start it. However, the Compustar remote should bypass this and function when the vehicle is running. Ethan, what you are describing is odd. Did the Compustar remote EVER pop the trunk? It is possible that it was never hooked up. Many times, this is an optional hookup and many not have been wired in during installation…

    • says

      If I recall, 2 minutes is the shortest run time for Astrostart. It is likely that the runtime somehow got switched and just needs to be put back to something more acceptable like 18 minutes. Call the manufacturer and find out how to change the runtime on your model. Should be an easy fix.

  106. john says

    I have a compustar pro, worked when I bought the car,but was seldom used, now when I try to start the
    car,it trys about 4 times to start then quits, motor turns over but will not start, lights come on and everthing else is normal but will not start, 2008 mitsubishi eclipse

    • says

      John, that could be any of a number of things, many of which would not be a major issue (Though a few could be)… I would recommend that you go to and use their dealer locator to find your nearest dealer. Call them and make an appointment for a diagnostic. I wish I could be of more help, but this is beyond the scope of a quick email or comment.

  107. Mary says

    Hi Mitch!

    First of all, this is a really great article thank you. I wanted to ask about my remote start. My car used to say started for 15 minutes but now it only stays on for about one minute (I believe I noticed the change after I got a new remote start controller)

  108. Corbin Buckey says

    I recently bought a car with a prestige aps620 and the light on the keyfob will not stop blinking. The buttons arent stuck and seem to click fine. I then went to unlock my car at door and the alarm went off and I am unable to shut it off. It now wont let the car start. Please help asap it would be much appriciated.

  109. Mallory Cook says

    A week ago I had a Compustar installed in my 2003 Saturn Ion. Worked fine the first day on Monday. Tuesday I went to start my car and I saw the lights turn on and fade off. I tried again…same deal lights on and then off. I went outside to manually start it and the car would not turn over but my lights and radio would turn on. I had to call for a boost. My car started fine at work. After work I made sure my parking plug was working. Wednesday, same thing happened all over again. I decided it must be my old battery so I purchased a new one. Friday the car started perfectly. Sunday (today), my car would not start again so I tried to turn it on manually. It almost turned over. I tried again three more times and nothing. I called my father in law and 30minutes later he arrived only to turn on the car as if nothing happened. He took the car to make sure my block heater is working and it is. I have a feeling it is the car starter. I would love to hear your thoughts!

    • says

      The problem very likely has to do with the Passlock bypass that would have needed to be installed with your remote starter. You need to go back to your installer and have them troubleshoot your installation. Not a guarantee that this is the issues, but based on your description, it is where I would start.

  110. Haley says

    Mitch, I have a 1995 Ford Bronco and a remote starter was recently installed in it. When I went to unlock my doors with the new remote, the panic alarm set off and WOULD NOT turn of, I couldn’t even start my car it would not let me. Eventually I must have hit something right for it to turn off but the alarm went off for about four-five minutes. Is there any way to fix this or is there a combination of buttons to push to stop/silence car alarm?

    • says

      Hard to say on this without more information. You say that you recently had it installed. I would talk with the installer and see if they have any thoughts on this. It is possible that the disarm was not wired in properly. Good luck.

  111. Evan says

    Hi Mitch,

    I have a set of compustar remote car starter installed into my 2006 Toyota RAV4 . I used one more than the other quite a bit so I believe the batteries died. I replaced them but I still have the same problem, will not unlock or lock doors or start vehicle. My second remote that I have not used much still works fine (unlocking, locking starting etc).

    Do I need to somehow re-sync the remote that had the dead(?) batteries in it with the starter system again? Thanks!


    • Evan says

      I should add that I have attempted to get in contact with the shop that installed it. However they are out of business now as it was bout 3 years ago.

    • says

      Evan, It is possible that the remotes just need to be reprogrammed. Google something like “program remote for Compustar XXXX” with XXXX of course being the model number of the remote package that you have. Other than that, I would suggest locating a good Compustar dealer and having them do a diagnostic. Good luck.

  112. Earl says

    I have a Polar Start Mod:ps-3155 Dated:2007-09-21 The unit will not start the vehicle but the lights flash 15 times and nothing happens, The door locks open and close as normal. I have unhooked the battery for 1/2 hr. and still the same. I went under the dash found the unit and pushed the reset button, still the same. The guy at the install shop said that the lights flashing 15 time is a code, Is this true. He said that code would tell what button or spot to check.
    Any help would be great.

  113. Michael says

    i have a compustar cm 600 i have reprogrammed remotes (1w900fmr) when i hit any button i hear the click from under dash but nothing happens. no lights no nothing. any help would be appreciated

    its a 08 toyota tacoma
    the dealer that installed it is no longer in business

    • says

      Very tough to diagnose that without taking a look at the vehicle. It could be any of a number of things. I would highly recommend that you find a Compustar dealer close to you and set up a troubleshooting appointment. Good luck.

  114. john says

    ive got a compustar remote start and the battery died in the truck now when you push the start button it starts for five seconds than shuts off and tries to do this three times and the compustar box under the dash there is a red light on and off now. need the help thnx.

  115. Fabio Gucciardo says

    Hi I have a 2012 nissan rogue with a compustar remote start in it. The car also has an intelligent key. If I get in the car and start the car with the key it works just fine but if I start the car with the remote stater and then turn the key to the run position when I hit the break I get a message in my dash that says intelligent key system error any idean what that could be thanks alot

  116. Don says

    I do not have a manual for my cool start remote starter…I had it installe in November of 2001….I lost the remote 6 months ago,so I went back to where I bought it and they were more than happy to replace it. It worked well for about 2 weeks,now it doesnt work…I do not know how to reset it….I have tried different combinations of button pushing but nothing works.

    Please help,
    Don Marcellus

  117. Mike says

    Hi Mitch,
    I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana with a Prestige APS57 remote start/keyless entry. I bought it private sale a couple years ago and do not have a manual, and it was from another state so I wouldn’t know who installed it. It always worked great, but last fall after a couple days of heavy rain and finding a windshield leak on the pass side, both the remote start and keyless entry stopped working. I found the modules under the dash on the driver side and everything is dry. There is a small black box at the top of the windshield on pass side which I believe is the remote receiver, but I pulled down the headliner and didn’t see any evidence of water on or in that. Any suggestions on what I could try, or where to find resetting instructions online? Thanks for any input. –More info: I replaced the vehicle battery last year with no trouble afterwards, also the remote battery is fine as the green light flashes rapidly when any button is pressed, as normal.

  118. Linda says

    Put a new battery in 2005 minivan. After doing that, now my remote starter will turn the vans engine on, but the heater does not come on. Could this be because of the battery in van being changed? I am at a loss as the place who installed the remote starter it is no longer there.

  119. MIKE ISLES says

    Hello, I have a 91 chev Sprint just installed a Varad vs 702 system. all works fantastic! However if the vehicle is shut off for more than 20min. the remote start will crank but not start. I have verified that the fuel pump is not cycling. The vehicle is to old to have its own security system to shut off the pump. Any ideas would be great! Thanks for your time.

  120. Ron says

    High mitch, went to start my 1998 monty carlo with an after market remote startthat came with the car when I bought it & it didn’t start do to the fact it was -30 below and the battery was to low on power. when I finally got the car running later that day the remote start wouldn’t work any more. the lights will flash and it will lock and un lock the doors but no vroom vroom. is there a way to reset it? I cant find what make it is either. I looked under the dash and it just says the fcc numbers. I found 3 inline fuses and they all looked good. the fcc ID is NAHRLED4 if that helps

  121. Gale says

    I have a Auto Security CompuStar SuperHet(5P) remote. The battery went dead in my remote and now, after replacing the AAA battery in the remote it won’t work. I have tried different brand names of batteries but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Nothing shows up on the screen at all. Any suggestions?

    • Shoes says

      Just had a remote starter (just a starter – doesn’t unlock doors or do anything else) installed in my 2010 GMC Sierra and it works as it should, but the vehicle has no sounds now. No door chime, no dings about the seat belt, and the radio is dead – no lights, no nothing. I’m going to return it to the installer, of course, but thought you might have a quick fix to save me from having to sit in that 6 ft by 6 ft waiting room with only a TV Guide from 1987 on the table! Thanks

  122. Josh White says


    I have an Ultra Remote starter and just recently my parking lights and brake lights dont flash anymore when i start the car with remote… it starts fine and the interior lights come on like normal when it starts, but the exteriors do not… any ideas.. remote starter is approx 7 years old

  123. Jesse Funk says

    Thank you so much! I have been trying to figure this out for a while. Turns out it was the ground wire to the safety switch. I had no idea that it had a safety switch, thought it was just for the hood lamp. Thanks again!

  124. Michael Bezruki says

    My remote starter is aftermarket and hasn’t worked since I bought the truck. The FOB lights up correctly when the button is pressed, and there is a clicking noise that occurs somewhere in the steering column but the truck does not start. Any ideas on what this is all about?

  125. Jeremy King says

    Hi Mitch – I have a 4 channel pusuit series remote starter on my 2006 Nissan titan. All works great, except that recently my auto-headlight feature stopped working, lights stayed on and battery dies. My limitied troubleshooting ability leads me to believe that the driver side door pin is not being recognized (no dome lights when opening drivers door but works on passengers, back door lock does not auto unlock on drivers side like it does on passenger side) – Also, door chime doesn’t ring anymore if lights are full on with key out when you open door, and the car no longer honks horn when you double lock. Ive checked every fuse, switched the passenger and driver side door pins, checked connections at the remote starter, and cant find anything – Any suggestions??? This stinks – In Chicago with dead battery 3 days in a row with -10 degree weather before I realized the issue. Best, Jerry.

    • says

      There are any number of things that could be causing your issue. This is definitely something that you would want to take to a professional, particularly one that installs that brand… Best of Luck

  126. Kevin says

    I have a 2004 avalanche pickup with a Valet 562T Remote start. It was set up to operate with the OEM FOB. If you press the lock button 3 times the trucks parking light would come on and the truck would stop. Today I tried it and it would not start. The parking lights would quickly flash but no start. I checked the fuses and they are fine and the module is getting power.

    Any suggestions?


  127. Julian B says

    Hi Mitch! Please help! Im away in Europe and unable to turn my ignition all the way up…! My original remote does close and open the car with lights and sound ok. However, I had an aftermaket remote car starter installed prior to me leaving and it recently stopped working /was deprogrammed( by accident??). After little, very little! thinking, I started to fiddle around with the buttons of the remote start system, and the hood pin and now: MY CAR KEY WILL NOT TURN ALL THE WAY UP!! It turns up only to the position where the battery light comes on but not the start position, when all the control lights come on…I susspect, Ive triggered some kind of antitheft block or something…ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO RESET IT ALL, SO THAT AT LEAST I will be able to start the car with my IGNITION KEY like it was able to, just a day ago…?? This is a 2002 Chevy Blazer with an aftermarket Premier remote start system (dealer installed). Thanks a mil for any advice

  128. Manny Harris says

    Thanks for this great site.
    I have Compustar sytem with a 2W9000FMR remote on a Honda CR-V. Everything seems to be working OK, but when I remote start the car, the Honda alarm is triggered and activated the horn alarm. I have made sure that the Honda is alarm is off when leaving the vehicle.
    Does the Compustar system have to be disarmed when doing a remote start?

  129. Brittney Graeser says

    I dropped my remote that starts my car along with locking and unlocking the car. The remote was flashing so i just unlocked the car with my key and the alarm started going off and the car wont start. I have no idea what to do…

  130. Femi says

    Hi Mitch, I am the second owner of a 2007 Toyota Corolla. My auto start has a slight problem. The start button on the remote starter doesn’t start the car again. No hazard light flashes when the start button is pressed but the green light on the remote starter flashes when start button is pressed. However, the remote still lock/unlock the car with hazard lights flashing. How can I fix this problem? Thanks.

  131. Diana says

    I have a ridiculous issue. I dropped my remote at the store today, and the case opened enough for the little pin that holds the keychain to the remote to fall out. I didn’t really pay any attention because I was in a hurry, but I clicked the case shut, grabbed all the pieces and came home. Now I want to reopen the case and put the pin back in to attach the keychain, but it’s super tight again. Is there a way to open it without breaking it?

  132. rob says

    Hi. Today I went and started my car like normal using my arctic start 2w900fmr. No problem. I get home and try to lock the doors and I have no signal on the remote. I can’t do anything it just flashes no signal.

  133. Rachel Sett says

    I don’t know if you will be able to help but I figured I’d ask…

    I got a aftermarket remote starter put on my Chrysler 300 about two years ago. A few days after I noticed the radio acting funny. Now the radio (which has navigation) doesn’t light up. I can still hear sound it just doesn’t have a display. Also only some of the radio controls on both the panel and the steering wheel work. Could this be from the installation not having the wires put back in place properly? When I use the remote start I can see the radio light up like normal for a second then flash off to black.


  134. April Creviston says

    I recentky bought a 2001 chrysler sebring sedan LX, and it has an AstroStart remote starter in it. Model 2106U-3106U. I lost they keys and had to have a dealership replace the master key after they couldnt tell if it was a chipped key. They unlocks the doors but when its I the iggnition it wont turn over at all. The remote start works but the key wont turn over to get it out of park. Mechanic claims this key should start it but wont. Any clue how to fix?

    • steve says

      Following some basic work done on the steering wheel at the dodge dealer, the remote starter stopped working. It starts and then dies after a second. The truck then starts and dies over and over. Could the dodge dealer have caused this? Memory flash? Can I reset it?

  135. Burgy says

    Hi Mitch My batteries went totally dead on my 2008 Ford F250 Diesel and since then my AST 2way Fm remote start won’t function. I believe it went into Valet mode but all the reset instructions do not work (because it’s a Diesel?) Have you got a simple fix for this?

  136. Steve says

    Following some basic work done on the steering wheel at the dodge dealer, the remote starter stopped working. It starts and then dies after a second. The truck then starts and dies over and over. Could the dodge dealer have caused this? Memory flash? Can I reset it?

  137. S says

    Hi Mitch,

    I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander with the Protx6 fccid: elvatdb remote starter. I recently changed the battery of the car…and the remote starter was working fine for a few weeks. Once it died i changed the battery in the remote starter, but i can’t get it to work. the blue light also stopped flashing. Please help!! Thanks!

  138. Theresa says

    When I remote start my car the doors automatically lock after about 15 minutes. I don’t want this to happen! How do I change this?

    • says

      Theresa, this is likely a programming issue. Find the brand of the remote starter and google it. Contact the manufacturer and let them know what your situation is. I suspect it will be an easy fix.

  139. RMD says

    Got an Astrostart auto starter. RSS2514XR. BBK module/controller.
    Installed it myself. I’ve installed a few auto starters in my day. The car is a 98 jetta volkswagon, automatic. I’m getting crank fails. The unit will go through the sequence to start, crank the engine for 0.5 seconds and stop. It will try the programmed 3 times, and then quit. Sometimes the car starts on the first attempt. But other times it goes through all 3 tries and shuts down. When it fails on all 3 tries, the controller is flashing the LED at 10 pulse counts. Which means.

    Remote start failed after three attempts.
    Note: If the engine starts, then immediately stops for no apparent reason during a start cycle, it may be that the vehicle is equipped with an immobilization system (Anti-start). Make sure this system is correctly interfaced.

    The VW alarm is not an issue. I’ve sat in the car with everything off and tried the autostart. Most of the time it starts… I’m just getting these odd failures. The 2 main 12V feeds to this controller are wired directly to the battery. 8awg wire and the run is only about 5 feet. I’ve got a solid frame ground.

    Since this all stared, I have gotten a tune up and new battery. Which made no difference to the situation at hand. Since the tune up, the car starts the same when using the key. What I’m saying is… the tune up did not imrove the running/health of the engine.
    This is a good running car. It always starts when using the key.

    All my connections are soldered, clean and heat shrink closed.

    I can not program in the crank cycle time on this controller.
    I’m not seeing any pattern to this madness. I’ve been watching outside temp, time of day… engine warmth, etc.. Nothing. Even if I’ve been driving the car for an hour and try and auto start it… it still fails. wait 2 minutes…then it’s fine.

    The big thing is, it only cranks for 0.5 seconds(When it fails). I would have thought at least 2 or 3 seconds.

  140. ryan says

    My wife purchased a 2004 Pontiac grand am with a astrostart remote starter. It only runs for about 1 minute and shuts off. The keyless entry doesn’t work either. Any suggestions to fix the problem.

    • says

      It has been almost 10 years since we worked with Astrostart so I would not know specifically how to fix it. It is likely that this is just a programming issue. I would call the manufacturer or the nearest Astrostart dealer and see if they can help.

  141. Jil says

    I have a Prestige remote starter not a Compustar. Hope you can still help. It worked this morning when I left for work, then two hours later when I went out to my car, nothing. Someone told me I may have hit a button by mistake. It has unlock, lock, the starter button, and a button with and “1” and one with “2”. I have read that I need to find the valet button. What is that and where is that? No instructions came with this car only two transmitters. Help! it’s winter already here in Michigan.

  142. Anna says

    Hey Mitch
    I have a 2012 Ford Focus my command start button is by itself so it’s not on the same key at the ignition key and what happens with mine is that I hold the button for the 5 seconds I was told or until it honks and then starts up however mine honks then when it should start it just honks again and doesn’t start up help ?? It’s about 3 years old got it put in the car by ford before I bought the car off the lot

    • Anna says

      Hey Mitch any advice about this one. ?????

      Hey Mitch
      I have a 2012 Ford Focus my command start button is by itself so it’s not on the same key at the ignition key and what happens with mine is that I hold the button for the 5 seconds I was told or until it honks and then starts up however mine honks then when it should start it just honks again and doesn’t start up help ?? It’s about 3 years old got it put in the car by ford before I bought the car off the lot

  143. Dave Alfred says

    Hi. I have a command start no model # on the fob . The red light on fob flashes none stop . Lights on car blink a few times that’s it. It’s a 4 button fob we do not use the lock or unlock buttons . I have to take battery out of fob to shut off the light . A friend put it in about 2 years ago now he moved away . All buttons on fob are not stuck . It’s in a 2004 Impala with factory fob for doors and trunk. Tks.

  144. Faustin GASANA says

    I can start my VW Jetta 2006 with my remote, but rigth away stop and start again for 3 times, i don’t know what’s the problem, doors, trunk, alarm work properly.

  145. Tate H says

    Hey Mitch, I have an Astrostart in my 2006 Jeep Grand. I was driving along and the fob started chirping. Assuming a low or dying battery I took the battery out. A few days later I replaced the battery(twice) and it doesn’t do anything, no chirps no lights, nothing. What Gives?

  146. Thomas Small says

    Sirs, I am at a dead end. I bought my Wife a 2003 Sable and I tried every thing. So I went to a few places that installs these remote starters. I was told that I had to buy a complete new set up. I told them the car was setting for two years. I put a brand new battery in it. I am an older Man and not to hip with eletronics. I dont know if they are taking advantage of me?? I put a new car battery in and new batterys in the remotes. One set has a key LOCK UNLOCK TRUNK and PANIC button. THAT remote works good.Also there is the remote almost like the one I just talked about but IT has a thing sticking out of the top. And buttons LOCK UNLOCK TRUNK and a KEY. attached on the ring with it has and oval button that when you push it it flashes red. BUT NOTHING on that set does anything. Any infomation will be helpfull. Thank You from the NH Seacoast. Tommy PS Its 24 degrees and I hope you can help me.

  147. L. Stewart says

    I have a Prestige APS 998, when I remote start it the blower motor does not come on until I put the key in the ignition ans turn to run.

  148. Sue says

    I have a 2008 Ford Expedition that came with factory keyless entry & alarm with PATS as well. I got a Compustar remote start installed and it works but my alarm no longer works. The alarm will chirp like it’s armed but when I open the door with the windows down it does not sound off. The panic alarm works and it recognizes when I have doors open when I try to arm it. The installer said he has never came across this and the dealership says that aftermarket remote starters do no work with PATS without compromising the alarm system. I thought that PATS was a separate system than the alarm that I have to set and sounds off when there is a forced entry. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      While I cannot give you any specific advice about your problem, I 100% disagree with your dealer. Assuming that a quality system is installed properly, there is no reason why your security would not function after installation… I wish I had a better answer.

  149. Jones says

    Awesome to see this thread alive after so long.
    Purchased the car in august. didnt even know it was autostart equipped! About a month later, i get the key fob. i replace the battery but nothing happens, turned out i trashed the reciever on the dash because i had no idea what it was for. (i assumed anti-theft at the time)
    Reciever is replaced. remote is in working order…

    System: “Astrostart” model 2503
    Vehicle: 1998 Suzuki Sidekick, manual transmission with NO power locks or anti-theft.
    the remote starter informs me system is “OK” by a single audible beep inside the cab.

    I press go, the parking lights flash….. thats it. no start.
    “continuous mode” works, the parking lights come on to signify its activation.
    (started with the key) but kills the engine (after activation) when i remove the key.
    perhaps the hood pin is bad. can i test this by wiring the switch out of the loop?
    i am not sure what the problem could be.

    Wish i had a dollar to give you- it seems you’ve helped plenty already…
    Thanks for any input, i hope to hear back from you!

  150. Sallie says

    Hi Mitch

    When I try to lock my truck..the FOB indicates “armed” then it beeps and tells me that a door is open.
    I have opened and closed every door and everything is secure, but the system still tells me “door open”
    However, it also tells me it is armed??

    Any ideas??


  151. Melissa says

    Hello Mitch,

    I’m having some trouble with my Compustar remote starter and I’m hoping you can help. My remote only starts my vehicle when I’m either in the car or right beside it. Any further away, and it won’t work. I’ve tried changing the batteries in the remotes as well as reprogramming, but nothing helps. Any ideas on what I need to do next?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  152. Alfonso says

    Hi, my name is Alfonso, I have a question, I just installed a Viper Alarm/Remote start system on my car, everything works fine but when I remote start the car and I open the drivers door, the door makes like 4 ticking sounds, is this normal???? Is maybe an issue with the installation???, thanks for your help.

  153. Gerald says

    Hi i have recently started my truck with the pro start remote and then inserted ignition key and drove away. I then used the remote to keep the truck running then came back and inserted the key again then drove again. Once at my destination i had shut off vehicle and twenty minutes later i returned to start it and drive away only to discover that it would not start with either the key or the remote. After trying a few things i had left it and returned back to it a few hours later and it had then started. I have now put a new pro start in and it now has done the same thing. Tried to see if there was a lock mode for a timed period but doesn’t say anything of the sort. Any ideas where i should look? Thanks!!

  154. Barb Brown says

    I have a Compustar RF-2WG5-SH-S the 2 way remote I have was showing red when I press any of the buttons. I changed the battery but it still happens. DO you have any idea what it could be. I had it installed by future shop nov 2013.

  155. Carol Brown says

    My neighbor stopped my 1997 Avlon by using some remote control device. I know he could have halted many areas. Is there anyway I can protect my self against this? I was facing him directly when this occured. Thank you

  156. Pat Aylward says

    Hi Mitchell,
    I have a 2010 nissan titan that turns over with remote but will not start. Starts fine with key. Also when started with key and then remote button pressed, key can be removed with vehecle still running as it should.

  157. dwight says

    My car starts first thing every morning and won’t remote start afterwards, meaning I drove it to the store and try to start and it tries to run but doesn’t. Is it the throttle set too low ir air sensor? Thank you,

  158. Kelly says

    my 2011 ford escape the remote starter will lock the doors and and then just beeps 3 times please help bin fighting with it for weeks

  159. luanne logan says

    I have a crimestopper remote starter on my Chrysler 300 M when temperature gets down to 10 degrees it will not start and keep running my car.Have replaced battery and had starter and alternator checked.The car starts fine with the key,only not using the starter.I have taken it back to dealer who installed numerous times they always blame it on car??? any help would be appreciated.Thanks

  160. Darrell furmanek says

    Command start malfunction. Push button to start, would start then shut down. Having trouble for some time so removed batteries from starter fob. Own a 1997 Suzuki sidekick sport 4 door, 4×4. We can be driving and all of a sudden the truck will shut right down, lights on dash blinking, you can hear a clicking sound under dash on passenger side. Starts o.k. again but when you push brake pedal all lights shut down and if you try to drive seems like running on 2 cylinders, all lights flash and vehicle will shut down. Has been like this since command start acted up it seems.

  161. Mike says

    When I push the start button the car starts. The starter doesn’t disengage right away. Then the car starts and runs for about 15 seconds then shuts off. Any suggestion?

  162. Jax says

    Hi Mitch, I have a 2006 Hummer3 that has an after market R1900 one-way AM Arctic Start remote. Yesterday my vehicles battery went dead & since then my remote start fob won’t do anything, ex- start car, lock/unlock doors including trunk. I’ve tried all the trouble shooting suggestions in the manual & nothing works. I can’t even lock/unlock vehicle with the buttons from inside the vehicle so I’m assuming that the locks are activated by remote control only which is probably why this function isn’t working at all. I no longer live in the province in which the starter was installed so I can’t go back to the installer. Is there a switch that may have shutdown automatically for safety when the vehicles hood was opened? If you or any of your readers know anything that could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  163. David says

    My battery had gone flat overnight due to my stupidity leaving the dome light on,,,,,result the remote starter on my keychain does not start my Honda Ridgeline,,,,,however it will lock and unlock the doors,,,,,Thanks, Dave

  164. says

    I have a mars-33 omega alarm and the valet switch is not flashing ,and the alarm is not letting me use the car starter ,the alarm arms when I lock the car manually but does not work to lock and unlock the car by handheld device.

  165. harjot says

    hi Mitch, I have compustar one way four button remote starter in 08 highlander and it was working fine and all of sudden crank the engine but didn’t get started. lock/unlock features are working and same result with both remotes. any idea?

  166. Ed says

    Hi Mitch, Until this morning the auto start worked fine. I have a 06 F150 with an autostart as2501. when I press start, the lights flash 15 times quickly. I have researched this issue and found that means the unit is in manual mode, however I have an automatic transmission. Any idea how to reset to auto?
    Thanks, Ed

  167. al says

    Wen I start my car it start. Half way BUT before it goes all the way on it shuts down
    And the unlock and lock work but it doesn’t unlock the actual door

  168. al says

    Wen I start my car it start. Half way BUT before it goes all the way on it shuts down
    And the unlock and lock work but it doesn’t unlock the actual door any ideas wat it can be

  169. Dres says

    i have a viper alarm system i had recently installed some new led tail lights accidently wired it backwords but they were working fine so i connected everything back normal how it should be and now i try to turn on my remote start like it turns lights and everything for like a second then shuts off and dosent turn on the car or nothing my control sends back a response saying it didnt turn on…could it be my brake light switch or something got messed up and need to be replaced……unlock and lock still works my security system just to remote start acts up….

  170. CARL QUIST says

    I have an 09 challenger 3.5 v6 turn to start automatic with the viper 4806v unit which was working fine when starting the vehicle now when I hit the remote start button the dash powers up but the car doesn’t even attempt to start now I have checked the basics hood pin key in the ignition etc.. I feel like I might have a bad connection with the ignition wire or starter wire from the remote start to the vehicle what do you feel could be the problem?

  171. rafael says

    Hi ,I have a valet 474t remote ,still works but have to press the bottoms really hard tomake it work and be at close range ,is thtis normal with time and get a replacement remote unit would do or anything else I can do to make it work better?

  172. Cindy says

    I have a Compustar remote . it started the truck earlier. but now there is no response from it and I cant start the truck with the key either???? I changed the battery in the remote . it has a call symbol on it now ???? What is wrong ??

  173. Gilbert says

    I want to just program a remote start remote to my car 300 it possible to do so. N how can I?

  174. jason says

    I have a 94 blazer with an astrostart, when I hit any button on my for it sends me back the negative response. But the starter unit under the dash makes a double click. It does this for start, lock, and unlock functions. Any ideas?

  175. says

    When I push my start button to remote start my jeep, it starts up and everything by remote. But after 5-6 seconds go by, the engine shits off. What is the problem? All the other buttons seem to work fine on the remote except for the starter. Can you help me?

  176. terry says

    I had problems with my battery going dead about 5 times this year, then I ended up replacing the battery in my ford 2003 excursion 6.8liter v-10 gas and when I hit the remote start it will act like it wants to start but all it does is turn the starter but doesn’t actually start the engine but when I start it with the key it works just fine, could it be I just need to reset the remote start- it’s a ford factory alarm that came with the vehicle.

  177. Dennis says

    Can the automatic door lock function (after remote start) be disabled on a Firts Tech CS 600 remote start?

  178. laurie Burger says

    I couldn’t get the car to start with remote. Pushed a few resluts. I tried the key and it started. I stepped on the brake and it disengaged. Tried again with the key but when stepped onthe brake it stopped again. Please help

  179. Ryan says

    i have an ultra car starter and it was working fine. now all of a sudden when i try to use the remote to start it the lights flash 7 times. and when i try to use the key to start it nothing happens. the security light flashes when i try to start the car with the key. please help

  180. Justin says

    i just got a replacement remote because my buttons were only working half the time and i got the remote programmed to lock/unlock but for some reason it just wont start, i checked and its not in valet mode and i am not entirely sure how to program it to start up,

  181. Justin says

    My battery went dead in my Infiniti so i gave it a jump, now my remote start won’t work, it cranks but it won’t start. starts the regular way fine Viper 5204v

  182. says

    Thanks a lot… Feel free to mention our website to your online friends! We’re trying to stamp out bad sound and bad installs one solder joint at a time!

  183. Joe says

    Just got a car with a compustar remote starter//alarm. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO INSTALLED IT. The battery died and now the remote start tries 3 times and engine will not remain running. There is no way for me to figure out who installed it so don’t say to take it to them. Can I please have the remote start programming guide. I live in michigan and it’s cold

  184. says

    This could be a number of things. Change the batteries in the remotes. Check the alignment of the antenna also. Some antennas need to be placed on an alignment pad and centered properly. Check that the antenna plug is seated properly into the antenna and also in the remote starter brain under the dash. Best of luck!

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