Remote Car Starters

Why Choose Mobile Edge For Your Remote Car Starter Installation?

2W901 Compustar RemoteRemote Car Starters, Automatic Car Starters, “Those Clicker Things”…. It doesn’t matter what you call them, Mobile Edge is the place to go for quality remote car starter installations. Having installed literally thousands of remote car starters, we have the experience to properly install one in your vehicle, even a standard shift!  And Mobile Edge installs only the very best: Compustar Pro.

Mobile Edge is the authority on 2-way remote car starters. With 2-way, your remote control will actually let you know if your car is running, if it is locked and if the alarm has sounded. Welcome to the next generation of remote car starters.


With Remote Car Starters, Installation Quality Is The Key

The most important part of a remote starter is the installation. Today’s vehicles are complicated and it is important that a trained technician installs your remote starter.   Transponder Keys, Factory anti-theft systems, and multiplexed door locks are just a few of the things that we have to be intimately familiar with.  Do not trust your remote starter installation to your expert neighbor! We have gone through hours of training and have the backing of the best remote starter company in the world when we need technical assistance.

 Remote Car Starters And Your Vehicle’s Warranty

A properly loomed Remote Car Starter module

A properly loomed module

HAVING A REMOTE STARTER INSTALLED DOES NOT VOID A VEHICLE WARRANTY!!! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! If your Car Dealer tells you that the installation of after market equipment will void your warranty, CALL US! We will set them straight!

Our customers come from as far away as Allentown, Pottsville, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, and Stroudsburg to have the experts at Mobile Edge provide a professional remote car starter installation. One of our customers even drove 1300 miles to have us work on their vehicle!  It is not unusual for us to get  customer referrals from Manhattan, Philadelphia, Binghamton or State College!

Once you have a remote car starter, you will never want to be without one!


We Wrote the Book on Remote Car Starters… Literally!

remote car starter buying guideMobile Edge owner, Mitch Schaffer, recently published the e-book “The Ultimate Remote Car Starter Buying Guide.”  This book is filled with everything that you will ever want to know about buying a car starter.  Choosing the right shop, selecting the right features and much more are covered.  Check it out and if you buy the book, you will get $10 off of your remote car starter purchase at Mobile Edge and other Trusted Facilities around the country.





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Mobile Edge is proud to offer the Compustar Pro line of Remote Car Starters

Mobile Edge owner, Mitch Schaffer, interviewed by national news organization about remote car starters.

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remote car starters

One of our technicians installing a Remote Car Starter


  1. Nolan C says

    Hey there,
    I have a 2012 Honda CR-Z 6 speed Manual.
    I wanted to know what remote start to order because Im from California about 3,000 miles form your shop.

        • says

          I’m sure that there is a qualified installer in your area. I cannot personally vouch for any there so you will need to do your homework. I would recommend using all the information on our website as a guide for you and arm yourself with the right questions to ask. While a great quality unit is very important (we really like Compustar), a professional installation is a must. Getting both is perfect! Never sacrifice quality for price when it comes to a remote starter.

  2. Lena says


    Could you recommend a brand for me?
    I have a 2005 Lexus Rx 330 and would like to get a remote start installed. I’m located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      At this time, we feel that Compustar is one of the finest remote car starters available for your vehicle. I would search out a dealer that sells Compustar. Then do your own due diligence to make sure that they are experts at remote car starter installation. You can use our Remote Car Starter Buyers Guide to learn what questions to ask.

    • says

      I think it might be inappropriate for me to answer that question directly. Here is what I can tell you. For 10 years, we carried a brand called Astrostart. Astrostart was a fantastic product and we were very happy with the company. About 6 years ago (maybe more) Astrostart was bought out by Directed Electronics which is the company that makes Viper. We saw a lot of changes over the next year both in product and with the company itself. Those changes prompted us to look for another supplier. We brought in Compustar and feel that it is one of the very best moves that we ever made. Compustar is regarded in our industry as one of the (if not THE) best remote starter products out there.

  3. Naren says

    I am owning Hyundai Sonata 06 LX model – with heated seats and all. I live in Columbus, Ohio.

    Can you suggest me the best remote starter. I have read your postings and says Compustar is the best option to go.

    My Specifications are – looking at least 1 mile range (apprx) and which does have Engine Speed Sensing and Hood safety switch etc.

    Can you please suggest me one. I have keyless entry system for my car.

  4. Nancy DeFrain says

    I have a remote car starter in my 2002 Escape for the past 4 or 5 years and I love it!!!! I recently had to get a new battery in my car and now the automatic start isn’t working?
    My husband, Mike Defrain, bought this at your store for me and he passed away 5 months ago, so I am clueless what to do???? I can’t seem to find the manual and I was hoping you could tell me what I need to do to reprogram it with new battery. Thanks in advance for any help!!!!

    • says


      I’m so sorry for your loss..

      I’m sure we can help you… best thing to do is to call the shop Tues – Sat… Our installers are in on those days… It likely just needs to be reprogrammed and that is something that they can do for you while you wait… simple… but they may need to use the programming tool… not sure till we see it.

  5. omar says

    I just bought a scion tc 2007, and after reading this post i instantly canceled my order for a starter on amazon, i would like to know what kind of starter do u recommenced for my car? i live in willmar mn and its very cold here so a warm car in the morning is very important to me.

    • says

      Glad to hear! You made the right decision! I would look for a Compustar dealer in your area… Go to the shop and talk to the owner or manager… educate yourself ahead of time with the info on our website… Be 100% confident in the abilities of the shop. Check their reviews online and use your better judgement. DO NOT base this decision on price… Cheap shops are cheap for a reason…. Go with a quality shop even if it costs more… You wont be sorry. Also, if you cannot find a Compustar dealer in your area that you trust, I would go with the recommendation of a shop that you do trust.. Installation quality is king! Good luck!

      • omar says

        thanks so much. i googled it and the closest dealer to me is about 60miles away. lol o well quality over cheap like u said. thanks so much

    • says

      At this time, our store proudly offers the Compustar brand. We’ve been dealing with them for over 5 years and they have been one of the best brands that we have ever worked with.

  6. Ahmad says

    I have a Chevy Impala 2006 and looking for installing a remote starter for it. I found the 6-button Pro-start on %50 discount for $200 (Original price $400). Do you recommend this brand? and if yes, do you think it is a good deal?

    • says

      We carry the Compustar brand and couldn’t be happier with it. Bulletproof performance and a fantastic company backing it up.

      As for other brands, I cannot comment since we do not use any others (I will say that i have never heard of the brand you are asking about).

      It is extremely important that you purchase the unit from the same place that will do the installation. NEVER buy a remote starter at one location and take it somewhere else for installation. We wrote a post about this a while back at …. Also, consider buying the e-Book The Ultimate Remote Car Starter Buying Guide at It will give you all the information you need to make a smart buying decision and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

      Good luck!

  7. Christ says

    Are you in Canada, Toronto precisely? I am presently shopping for remote starter for my 2007 toyota camry le. Or can you advise me on the best product based on $200 to $350 budget. Thanks.

    • says


      We are located in Lehighton, PA, 18235 (Eastern part of PA).. I don’t know any shops in your area that I can specifically vouch for. You might want to check out the e-book that I wrote: The Ultimate Remote Car Starter Buying Guide. It will give you all of the information that you need to make a smart decision.. The most important thing is to find the right shop to do the installation. My book will teach you how to do that. It has a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not think that it is worth the few dollars that it costs, I will refund your purchase price.

  8. Aman says

    Saw your video on YT and instantly interested. I live in Saudi Arabia and I own a 2008 Nissan Armada LE with smart remote access installed but no remote start feature. How can I go about purchasing the right module for my vehicle type and installing it here in Saudi (Jeddah) ? Many Thanks.

  9. Tina says

    The compustar website only mentions remotes and states it does not include a control module with the remote purchase. I own a 2012 Toyota RAV4. Is a module required? If so, where do I locate information on it?


    • says

      Travis, I can’t see why not. As long as it is fuel injected, it shouldn’t be a problem. As with all installations, it is important that you find the right facility to do the job. If you are in our area, please stop in with your vehicle and we can look it over and discuss your options.

  10. james jones says

    can you by pass the hood switch or does it have to be replaced? 1999 Pontiac grandma se. what can I do. how much do they cost

  11. says

    I recently purchased a 2007 Nissan titan.When I went to the local dealership to get some keys made they told me because I had a remote starter there would have to be a key hidden somewhere in my truck.I would have to find this key so they could program it with the new keys or the remote starter would not work.Is this accurate information?

    • says

      Not likely. This was a method of installing in the past. High quality remote starter install on your vehicle do not require the “key in the box” solution anymore. You would need to dig into the install to determine which way they did it.

  12. Lucas Cox says

    I have a 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 6 speed manual
    I wanted to know what remote start to order because I’m from the Upstate of South Carolina.

  13. Rameez says

    I have a Lincoln mks 2009. I m not sure if it has that transpondent key or nnot. can I get a price estimate for that car.

  14. susan says

    I would like to know how much it would cost to convert one door to power in a powerless vehicle or can I get a remote start with alarm in a powerless vehicle??????

    • says


      We would need to look over your vehicle and go over specific options to offer a price on adding power door locks. As for getting a remote in a vehicle without power door locks, that is very possible and done all of the time. Best of luck!

  15. susan says

    I also want to know is there a starter out there that lets you know if your alarm goes off????like if your in the mall and someone trys to break in will it notify you????

  16. Sagir says

    I stay in Piscataway, NJ and I want to get the remote car starter installed on my new Honda Accord 2012 Sedan. Do you have any recommendation on where I can get this installed here in NJ?

    • says

      Julie, I am not sure what part of Iowa you are from, but I have two recommendations for you:

      1. Compustar is a very very good brand of remote starter. I would check out their dealer locator at . That said, not all Compustar dealers are excellent installer (just like any brand, their are better dealers than other… Think automobile dealers) Which brings me to my 2nd recommendation… A shameless plug!

      2. I wrote The Ultimate Remote Car Starter Buying Guide. It is an e-book and costs 4.99. It is a very quick read and will give you all the information that you need in order to select the very best installer for your project. If you do not think it was worth $4.99 after reading it, I will gladly refund your purchase. You can buy it here:

      I wish you the best.

  17. Jerome Damon says

    I have a 2006 F-150 and I’m trying to install a prestige alarm and don’t know all to know on installing it. (Help please) Thanks a lot hope to hear from y’all soon. Yours: Jerome

    • says

      Jerome, Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not provide any installation advice. We are not set up for this type of service. We would recommend that you consult with a local shop and set up a time for them to troubleshoot your issue.

  18. Cameron says


    I have a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis LS ultimate edition and im looking for an all around remote start system that starts, stops, rev monitor, temp monitor, and tracking with lock and unlock features. I was wondering which one would be the best for the overall best price.

    Thank you,


  19. Matt says


    I live in Peoria, IL. There is a great private shop that does remote starts, but they sell a different brand. I want the brand that you are selling that has the 2-way option on it. Can i buy a remote starter kit from you, and just have it shipped to my house?


  20. Mid says

    I recently bought a 2008 jeep compass and I was wondering if I can get a starter remote instal to it.. It’s an automatic..

    Thank you

  21. says

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  23. Dell says

    I have Nissan Qashqai 2008. What remote starter you can recommend?

    One question, If I leave my car aircon on then remote start the car, will it damage the magnetic coil or any part of the engine?

    Hope to hear your feedback soon.

  24. says

    It’s actually a very common question… And you’ve given me an idea for my a quick YouTube video…. To answer your question. Yes, you need the key. Here’s how it works (most automatic transmissions). You remote start the vehicle. After several minutes you go out to your vehicle and get in. You put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” position. Then simply tap the break and drive away. It really is simple!

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